Ghost Hunter visits Old Chapel

It was a spooktacular, rainy, dark and creepy night on Oct. 27— perfect for a visit to the Castleton University Old Chapel by John Zaffis, known as the godfather of ghost hunters.

The Connecticut resident has 42 years of experience as a ghost hunter. He owns a haunted museum in his barn where he stores his collected objects that are said to be haunted.

He has traveled to people’s houses all over the country to do investigations and said he has witnessed many paranormal activities.

Zaffis is even in a show called “The Haunted Collector.”

He became interested in ghosts at a young age. When he was 16, he saw a transparent apparition of a ghost at the foot of his bed shaking its head back and forth. He told his mother and she said that his grandfather always shook his head if he was upset about something. A few days after.

After his grandmother died, he became more interested in demonology and the paranormal.

In the years following, Zaffis worked in the house where “The Shining” was filmed. He knows the owners of the “Amityville Horror” house and has worked with them in a couple cases. He also has an “Annabelle doll” in his museum, a rag doll that sometimes moves. It is called the Annabelle doll because some say it is the name of the girl who haunts it.

He had witnessed some strange things, including seeing a shadow man, or what some call shadow people.

He told how once while at a college campus there was a football player who said he wanted to see some proof since he did not believe John. He sat in a chair that was in the room and it slid across the floor. The football player screamed and ran out of the building, he said.

Zaffis said he keeps an open mind about different religions and has worked with monks, priests and wiccans. He thinks that most ghosts don’t try to hurt you, they just try to communicate through different ways since they need help with something or they are watching over.

Zaffis said there is a lot of activity inside the Old Chapel, which was once used by medical students to work on cadavers. He spoke with the ghosts and some people asked questions. He said there were seven ghosts in the room with us. One of them was named Ed and another was Peter, he said.

They said something about a fire, but it was hard to understand. The human bones and skulls displayed in the Chapel only added to the creepiness of the night.


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