The Yellow Deli is a college hotspot

Photo courtesy of Amanda Brault. Allison Andrade enjoys a Yellow Deli waffle.

There aren’t many places to eat at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday. For most college students, however, this is a prime time for the munchies to kick in.

Thankfully for them, the Yellow Deli in Rutland is open 24 hours a day, five days a week. The small, quaint restaurant doubles as a hostel, where hikers and travelers can “stay with us, by working in our cafe or paying a small fee,” one of the workers said.

College students are some of their most popular customers, coming in at all hours of the day.

“It’s open 24/5, which is good for those who work overnights,” said Maddison McGuiness, a local resident and college student.

McGuiness used to work night shifts at the Old Navy store in the Diamond Run Mall, and would often go there after work.

“And, I’m a slut for their strawberry smoothies,” she added with a laugh.

The menu is surprisingly large for a restaurant with some food restrictions.

It offers everything from delicious waffles with fruit to Reuben sandwiches to carrot cake, all for under $10.

“It’s one of the coolest places to eat in Rutland,” said Justin Tinker, a first-time customer. “And the free Wi-Fi is always nice too.”

Castleton students named a variety of favorites from the Yellow Deli. Some crave their Cream Cheese Pie, while others prefer the Buffalo Rancher. A couple even go there just for their smoothies and don’t get anything else.

Many Castleton students say they haven’t been there, but they are mostly new to campus. Those that have been, recommend it to those who haven’t tried.

Repeat customers believe that the Yellow Deli is a front for a religious cult. The way the workers interact with customers and one another seems to further supports this ongoing rumor, they say.

Despite being private about their religious beliefs, however, the workers are quite friendly and willing to talk about many different ideas with whoever comes in.

The quiet lighting of the restaurant is inviting to those who walk by. Baskets, doubling as lamp shades, hover over each table with a different word on it, such as “Joy” or “Hope.” The tables and chairs are made out of tree trunks, and the interior made of wood adds to the soft ambiance. Had it not been for the overhead fans and light bulbs, one would mistake it for an 1800’s inn restaurant.

There are more than a dozen Yellow Delis around the world, some in America, and others in Spain, Japan and Argentina.

Luckily for Castleton students, there is one not 20 minutes away.

“The staff has only ever been nice to me,” said Emerald Trapini, another Yellow Deli regular.

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