CU students offer local kids a fun night out

Courtesy Monica McEnerny

Castleton University has always had the Student Education Association Club on campus. It just didn’t have the leaders to step and take control.

But these past two semesters, the club has finally found the leadership it needs, which was illustrated at the incredible Kids Night Out event it hosted at the Castleton Elementary School.

"The kids had a blast,” said treasurer Jazmyn Townsend.

The event included an obstacle course led by physical education majors David Wingate and Ryan Butcavage. Arts and crafts were run by Townsend and kids they played musical chairs and board games – and smiled a lot.

And all of it was overseen by Kontessa Siliski, the president of the club.

“She [Siliski] has put so much work and dedication into the club,” said Townsend.

“I was kinda the backbone behind it all,” said Siliski. “I made sure that everything was organized and made sure to get the right people doing the right positions and I went around and asked people to volunteer for the events and got the registration ready for the kids who wanted to come.”

The staff of Castleton students included Townsend, Siliski, Wingate, and Butcavage along with Kayla Beard. They also had help from club advisor Monica McEnerny and Siliski’s 7th grade cousin, Gavin.

“It was my honor to be there to support the team as the club’s advisor,” McEnerny said.

The SEA club was very pleased with the turnout as well. Siliski estimated there were around 14 kids at the event, which is a positive sign that the club could potentially grow that number in the future.

“It was pretty small, but we’re hoping to do it again!” Siliski said.

Of course, the Kids Night Out event isn’t the only thing the club has been doing these past two semesters. Since reinvigorating the club, Siliski, Townsend, and the rest of the club's organizers have been trying to bring as many opportunities for CU education students to grow as possible. Things like educational forums with current teachers and celebrations of our student teachers have been on the list of events organized by the club.

“Yes, it was a huge success, that had been in the workings for a little while,” Townsend said about the educational forum hosted on April 29. “And it had a great turnout because a class went with about 15-20 of them, they had prepared questions and it was very informational.”

As for the club’s plans for the rest of the semester, they don’t have much.

After they elect next year's officers it’s time to start preparing for the fall. But the club feels confident it will be hosting more fun events for the local community and CU student body next year.

“They are on a roll as a great new club,” McEnerny said.

“There was this cute first grader who was very energetic and she commented that she had a lot of fun playing games with us and that she wants to come back again,” Siliski said.

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