WIUV signs off, internet radio begins

Shudder Hurd-Burnell and Will Chmielewski discuss the new opportunities that come with internet radio. Photo Credit: Amanda Brault 

For nearly five decades WIUV has entertained Castleton University students on the air.

Now it is time to move onto the college radio station’s next chapter as the technological world is always changing.

The WIUV station is moving from FM radio to internet streaming keeping the future in mind.

WIUV General Manager Shudder Hurd-Burnell is excited about what’s in store for WIUV.

“I think that this is going to be a gateway to a lot of opportunities for new mediums and forms of expression for students,” he said after a brief ceremony last week. “I want to welcome the future but always maintain the traditions, experiences, and culture from traditional college radio.”

The station will no longer be known as WIUV but Castleton University Internet Radio.

Former WIUV General Manager William Chmielewski, who also attended the ceremony, is excited with the opportunity this modern streaming will give students and faculty.

“I believe with this option, content can get out to a wider audience, so any clubs, professors, or students can be heard around the world. Now we won’t have just a campus reach but a worldwide reach. We don’t know who could be listening but it could be anyone around the world,” said Chmielewski with a smile.

Hurd-Burnell is hopeful the change can help academically as well.

“Professors will be able to spread a message beyond the classroom now, which will be a great resource for students,” he said.

President Karen Scolforo, who attended the ceremony, took the news to social media.

“Today, Castleton University Student Government Association said goodbye to FM WIUV and hello to Castleton University Internet Radio! Watch for expanded content, podcasts, and more! #TheFutureIsNow #TogetherWeWillChangeTheWorld,” she posted.

After the unveiling event concluded, Hurd-Burnell and Chmielewski did a ceremonial official shutdown of the radio transmitter located in the original radio studio in the basement of Haskell Hall.


The wall leading to the transmitter was still covered with posters of various bands from decades ago placed by WIUV leaders.

One of those former WIUV DJs is current Dean of Students Dennis Proulx, who had an early morning show of his own back in the 80s.

“I had a 6 a.m. Saturday morning radio show. I loved it I got up early every Saturday to do it. I also served as the news director for a year, so many great memories. My heart is in WIUV,” Proulx said gleaming with pride.

That said, Proulx said he understands the need to move to streaming.

“The change is where college radio is right now, it’s on the internet. This is where students will listen and that’s where we need to be,” Proulx said.

With the change comes some heavy hearts, though, as former WIUV DJs and advisors reminisce on memories from years back.

Retired Media and Communication professor and former WIUV advisor Robert Gershon is someone who thinks about the end of an era.

“Of course, I am a little sad. WIUV has played a huge role in the development of an array of current professionals. One great memory I look back on was the time WIUV was selected by an Indie music journal, The Boston Rock, as one of the four best indie stations in the Northeast,” Gershon said.

Gershon, although saddened by the news, also understands where it stems from.

“The time had come, there is just a lack of interest in radio,” Gershon said.

The new internet radio is available by computer or phone on the TuneIn app by searching Castleton Internet Radio which will have a 24/7 stream all over the globe.   

“With this move, content will be able to branch out and this will create freedom for all students on campus,” Hurd-Burnell said.



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