What are CU students’ summer plans?

Patrick Lucey – Sophomore

A buddy of mine and myself are traveling to Honduras and Mexico. We are going to Mexico City first in July and look at the political buildings and get immersed in the culture there through food and entertainment. Then we will be going to Honduras for half a month where we will check out Copan and see the second largest coral reef in the world.”


Aliyah Edmonds – Junior

“Well, I am very excited because in June I will officially be moving into my first house. It will be an amazing experience and a nice taste of what’s going to be next for me as an adult.”


Owen Kretschmer- Freshmen

“My roommate is from Alabama so my buddy and I are going to road trip it down to his hometown. We are going to be coaching and running a wrestling camp for youth wrestlers. It’ll be really good to use the knowledge of the sport and give back.”


Frank Wan – Junior

“At the beginning of summer, I will lay low at home in Nanchang the Capital City of the Jiangxi province and then I plan to go to South Korea or Thailand. Whenever I go to new places, I like to indulge in landmarks and food. I plan to ride elephants in Thailand, which will be a surreal experience.”


David Malinowski – Junior

“I plan on taking a train to Chicago to just explore the city and sight-see. In August, I am starting an independent study at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I will be working half the time with custodial and the other half I will be taking courses that they offer. I’m really excited for the opportunity ahead.”


Gabby Coons – Senior

“I am going to Athens, Greece. I’ve always wanted to go and my mom came through with some tickets. I plan to see all the architecture, coliseums and buildings. But if I’m being honest, most importantly, lay on the beach.”


Jayson Mullen – Junior

“The goal is to self-record an EP and release it in August. It will have bout 4 or 5 songs on it. I’ll be playing some gigs one on July 2 in Crown Point, New York.  Its’ going to be fire if anyone wants to pull through. I’ll wing the rest with street performances in Saratoga Springs and Lake George. I really just hope to make people’s days with some good tunes.”

Megan Pariseau – Sophomore

“This summer, I am traveling to Tennessee to see my brother who is in the Army, and his wife, who is pregnant! I am bouncing off the walls knowing that I get to be an aunt soon. Unfortunately, they’re getting stationed in Tokyo, so I won’t be able to meet the little one for a bit. This is an exciting time for my family because they haven’t been able to have a baby for years now, so this is quite the miracle!”


Olivia Thayer- Sophomore

“I will be going to Rome to visit and stay with my foreign exchange student, Ivan. He lived with us for eight months my senior year of high school and lives in Rome, Italy. My whole family became close to him and his parents traveled here to meet us so now it’s our turn to go back! I am hoping to just look around and see all that Europe has to offer.”

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