Rating fashion at CU

It has been requested that I review student “style”, or the lack thereof, so here we go. I would like to preface this by saying I’m not trying to attack anyone for their choices of clothing. Everyone has the right to wear what they like, all I’m saying is some of you could try harder.

The most important thing to college students in terms of dress is comfort, which is great and all. I wouldn’t want anyone to wear clothes that caused them pain or irritation, but some students take it too far.

First and foremost, sweatpants are a no. So much so that when required to wear a pair for Collaborative Arts I had to buy some because I did not own any. They are shapeless and sloppy and scream “I rolled out of bed and haven’t showered for three days.” They are even more offensive when they are tucked into socks. I genuinely need someone to explain to me why it is a “trend,” because to me it just looks like you’re back from the groomer and your name is Foofy. If the sweatpants regress into pajamas that’s where I draw the line and all tolerance goes out the window. You are an adult, there is absolutely no excuse for going in public in your old beat up pajamas.

Secondly, Crocs. No, just no. They are literally just colorful potato shaped shoes that scream “I have no fashion sense”. I’m sure they are comfortable, but they just look terrible. They are some of the most polarizing shoes and I think they should have just stayed dead. Unless they are the campy Balenciaga platform crocs, they are a hard pass.

Athletic apparel is fine. Honestly, it just goes unnoticed because it screams “I have dressed the same way since middle school” and “Dick’s Sporting Goods is my life.” We love school pride so that’s cool. Wear all of that. But head to toe Nike or Adidas is just boring.

Backpacks, although practical, are unnecessary. Students seldom have them filled completely and when they sit on the floor of classrooms they just become another obstacle to maneuver around. I shouldn’t have to do hurdles to get to a desk, because lord only knows I’m clumsy enough as it is. If I can trip on flat ground, I don’t need lumpy boulders in my path.

Very rarely do I see clothes I actually like and in terms of being the best dressed the international students take the prize. The international students I have observed while walking across campus have the most interesting outfits and it shows they have put thought and effort into what they wear. They are put together and polished, which is the polar opposite of the majority of the student body. It is much appreciated and always a nice surprise amongst the ocean of drab that is the sidewalks of campus.

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