Int’l students work with Fair Haven students

We see international students on the Castleton University campus every day, whether it’s in class or in the dorms.

But now, thanks a joint effort, they are making an impact outside the university.

Several international students from Castleton University are collaborating with Fair Haven Union High School on a world map geography art project to give the high school students perspective they would have never had access to.

The project, which will culminate with a mural of the world, will later be installed in the school upon completion to give the Fair Haven students a better view of the world with a connection to people who are here from thousands of miles away.

Although the project is still in the brainstorming phase, there have already been around 12 to 15 Fair Haven students – ranging from freshman to seniors – helping out.

“It has already been a very fun, but eye-opening experience,” said Kristen Partesi, the art teacher at Fair Haven High School. “We don’t really have great knowledge of where places are in the world.”

The students seem to agree.

“I had not thought much about it, but after attending I realized how little I actually knew about geography,” said David Doran, a Fair Haven High school student, with a chuckle.

When it comes to the international students, however, they hope to teach more than just where they live on the map.

“We enjoy being around our peers. We cherish that time back home, and would share anything with them,” said Wazir Hashimi, a Castleton student from Afghanistan.

According to Partesi, the students will continue to meet on Wednesday after school and work to complete project throughout the remainder of the school year.

“The project will really brighten up the school and live on for many years to come,” said Aaron Szabo a senior at Fair Haven.

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