A sit-down with Josh Ferro

Josh Ferro steps up to bat against Plymouth State. 

Josh Ferro is he Castleton University baseball catcher. The sophomore from New York sat down recently to talk baseball and life.

Q. How long have you played baseball?

A. I have been playing since I was 5 years old. So that would be 14 years.

Q. What brought you to Castleton?

A.  I liked the campus and what the school had to offer for me. It’s not too far away from my house in Queens, New York and the baseball team is a winning program and that’s what I wanted to be a part of.

Q. How has the change to the Little East Conference been?

A. The change to the Little East Conference has definitely been a battle. All conference games are all 9-inning games, and when we’re playing double-headers that’s 18 innings of baseball in one day. It’s hard to stay focused for 18 innings, but we’ve been doing a good job at competing against good competition and not letting down one bit

Q. What’re your goals for the rest of the season personally and team wise?

A.  Well our main goal for the whole entire team is be champions of the Little East. We’re doing good right as of now, so we have to stay consistent and grind out every single game we have left. Personally, my goals at the end of the season is to maintain a .300 or higher batting average and help my team out with whatever opportunity is presented to me.

Q. What’s your plan for after college?

A. My plans for after college would be to continue playing baseball for as long as I can. Whether that would be playing overseas or playing in an independent league to keep the dream alive. I know too many good players that quit at a point in their life and said I wish I would have kept going, and I do not want to be one of those guys. I want to take my talents as far as they can go and give every day 110 percent.

Q. When your career is all done, do you plan on staying involved in baseball?

A. Yes, of course. I would love to still be involved baseball. I can see myself being a coach, or a personal trainer for guys and helping them get to college. Or when I have my own kids I’ll definitely teach them everything they need to know.

Q. Fun fact about yourself?

A. A fun fact about me is my nickname is Ferragamo, like the designer brand Salvatore Ferragamo. Everybody calls me this even my own Coach Ted Shipley.

Q. Favorite food?

A. My favorite food would be Brick Oven Pizza

Q. Advice to an aspiring baseball player?

A. Always work hard and trust the process. It’s a very long and difficult one but once you make it, you feel like all the years of hard work and dedication has paid off.

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