New views from old buildings

Castleton student Maxx Ingison travels to various cities to take photos of places and people that few ever get to experience. 
Photos courtesy of maxx ingison

Maxx Ingison is a sophomore at Castleton University who loves photography and traveling to different places to get the best pictures. He has been taking pictures for about four years and from the first moment he started he fell in love with it.

He has gone to Toronto, Colorado, Boston, Montreal and California for his love of urbex photography. “My favorite spot is Boston because it is close and is not a very popular spot for the type of pictures I take,” he said.

His dream is to be a freelance photographer and make a name for himself and work for famous companies like Nike, Under Armour and Adidas.

“I would love the opportunity to work for these companies to and create new perspectives for them,” he said. “A close friend from my high school is a big influence of mine. He started out as a freelancer and is now working for Puma making advertisements for them.”

Since his friend started his career, Ingison said he has really gotten in to doing freelance has had his work on display in galleries and has sold a few of his pictures to people in his town.

His mother, Diana Ingison is big supporter of his photography and has encouraged him to purse it as a career because he is super talented at it.

“My mom is my biggest fan and is always telling me how much she appreciates and likes my photos,” Maxx said.

“We didn’t even buy him his first camera he bought it himself,” said Diana Ingison. “He saved up money from working at a pizza shop and made sure he had enough to buy the camera he wanted.”

Dianna said she is super proud of Maxx because he has done everything on his own and has chased his dream.

“Although I do not like how he gets his photos, I still support him and trust that he will be safe at all times when he sneaks in to buildings,” he said.

Dianna said she trusts Maxx even when he is taking dangerous pictures.

“Sometimes I think Maxx shouldn’t be going to the places he goes but at the end of the day I trust he will use his best judgement,” she said.

Maxx said he likes going on to rooftops because it is a thrill and gives him an adrenaline rush and nothing else compares to that. He said the risk and the reward is worth every minute. “I like going places that are off limits because it pushes me and I have the possibility of getting caught which is fun,” he said.

Kevin Souls, Maxx’s best friend from home, has gone with him to a lot of these places and has seen the pictures he takes and says they are incredible.

“He is always striving for new things and likes to test himself and see how crazy he can be without going overboard and putting himself in harm’s way,” Souls said.

Souls believes Maxx will be famous one day and that we will see his photos all over the place because he has that eye that only certain people have.

“He sets himself apart from everyone else by taking unique photos and capturing views that no one else does,” Souls said.



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