Spring break plans vary for students

From doing nothing, to traveling all over, Castleton students have many different plans for the quickly approaching April break.

Working, however, seemed to be the default answer for many.

Freshman Baylee Lawrence has plans for an overnight in Boston with a friend from home. She’s excited to explore the city just for fun.

Similarly, junior Caton Deuso has plans with her cousin for an overnight in Boston to see “Why Don’t We,” a new up and coming boy band. She’s excited for the concert because they came together on their own and have voices that blend well together.

Other students weren’t as confident about their plans for Spring break, however.

Freshman Amanda Brault isn’t sure what she wants to do, saying she’s a “spur of the moment kind of girl here, spontaneous.”

It seems as though many students plan to put their spare time to use, making a little extra dough by working through break.

Junior Aliyah Edmonds plans to be doing “nothing but working.”

And senior KC Ambrose says she plans on doing “Army shit.”

Alyssa Crean also joins those who will be working though break.

But for some students, like Rebecca Santamore, working isn’t the end of the world. She plans to work, but also spend time with friends and family.

Spending time with friends and family is another popular plan for Castleton students during the upcoming Spring break.

Freshman Bryce Diggs, and his friends from home, plan to take a road trip lasting about four days. They have plans to travel around New England and some of New York. He is excited to spend quality time with friends he doesn’t get to see as often since being in school.

Junior Beth Kavet is taking a trip to Arizona with her mother. They are going out to visit with family.

And junior Jeremy Gardiner may be heading out to Florida with some friends from back home.

This April break seems to be nothing new for many students however.

Lawrence, one of the students headed to Boston, said although she went to Walt Disney World last year, she typically hasn’t done much over April break. Her planned trip this year will be nothing new, saying she’s been to Boston many times before. She does wish, however, that she could go to Disney again this year.

Deuso, a graduate of CCV and a junior at Castleton, says she has typically worked through her April breaks in the past, and this upcoming one is no different. She too is taking a trip to Boston, but, like Lawrence, has been there many times before.

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