CAB seeing success with campus events

Castleton University’s Campus Activities Board works diligently to put out fun and entertaining events for students on campus.

This year alone they’ve given students baseball games, open mic nights, game shows and comedians.

CAB President Kaylee Boutin wants CAB to serve a prominent purpose on campus.

“The goal of CAB is to give any student the opportunity to engage with their community by means of music, comedy, trips or in other varieties of fun,” Boutin said with a smile.

Boutin joined CAB her first semester as a way to meet people.

“I loved the events that we put on for students and seeing how much they enjoyed the events is what really made me fall in love with CAB,” Boutin said.

CU Freshmen Baylee Lawrence is one of the students that Boutin speaks of.

“I find the events interesting. It gives students things to do on campus. Castleton isn’t the most lively place all the time, but if you open up to CAB events there are some really fun things you can do,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence was most fond of the trip to the movies during the fall semester but she said with positives there can always be improvements.

“I think CAB could make some changes as far as advertising. I think they need to make it more publicly known as well as be more flexible with event times so all students can participate,” Lawrence said.

Matt Patry, director of Student Activities, has been impressed with this year’s CAB group and is excited for what’s ahead.

“I think they’ve done an extremely great job. They’ve had the highest attendance in years and they’ve branched out and done creative new things,” he said.

The most attended event this year was Karaoke which brought in 135 students.

CAB has a busy schedule coming up as the last two months of the semester approach.

“We have on April 19th a Casino Night where there will be all these different casino games available. You will get chips to cash in at the end of the night and pick out different prizes. We will also have John Kassidy, who was a big hit in the fall, along with the Bruins and Red Sox trips coming up, and hopefully finishing up with a NYC trip to see Aladdin,” Patry said with a smile.

CAB is always looking for new members to join up and help make a difference on campus.

“If you’re interested in joining CAB please stop into the SGA office located in the Campus Center. We are always looking for new members,” Boutin said.


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