Greta Van Fleet is bringing back rock

Greta Van Fleet's latest album, "Anthem of the Peaceful Army" was released in Oct. 2019. It features hits such as "You're the one" and "When the curtain falls."

To me, there’s nothing better than classic rock music. Between the powerful lyrics, the howling guitars and thunderous drums, it is the most pure music of all time. It’s art.

The only downside of being a classic rock fan is the first word of the genre: classic. The music is from earlier decades, and many of the iconic classic rock bands and artists are aged or have already passed. It’s not easy to score tickets to concerts because many aren’t touring.

We don’t have the luxury of getting new albums and new music all the time. The only way we can find new classic rock songs is to dig deep into our favorite artists and bands and find those beautiful deep tracks, the songs that are truly hidden gems.

Enter Greta Van Fleet: modern day classic rock. Pure gold.

The first time I heard Greta Van Fleet it was their hit song, “Highway Tune.” It starts out with this heavy riff, something that’s memorable. What follows is the quick shred of an electric guitar, and lead singer Josh Kiszka hits us with a piercing shadow that is nostalgic.

It sounds eerily familiar to a rock legend.

Robert Plant.

Trust me, if you’re a Led Zeppelin fan and you listen to “Highway Tune” for the first time, you will think its Plant. It sounds like genuine classic rock, something that could be straight from the 70s. Even the guitar sounds similar to Jimmy Page’s rhythms.

It’s refreshing to hear a modern-day rock band have such a vintage sound. Classic rock superstars are already weighing in. Slash, the legendary guitarist for Guns n’ Roses, has said that he’s impressed by the young band’s success. He says Greta Van Fleet is doing it the right way.

“It’s all about the music and it’s about the passion of just doing whatever it takes to be able to get your music out in front of people,” Slash said. He says the band is opening the door for other young rock n’ roll bands.

Even Robert Plant himself chimed in on the band. When a singer like Plant talks, you listen.

He said Kiszka is a “beautiful little singer,” adding that he has a “huge voice.”

“Yeah, and he borrowed it from somebody I know very well,” Plant said.

“They are Led Zeppelin I.”

They even look like a classic rock band. They have the feel of a classic rock band. They write their own music, they’ve got the long hair with the button-down shirts and ripped jeans. It’s a singer, a lead guitarist, a bassist, and drummer.

They’re a real band. Not someone singing to digitally produced sounds. It’s so refreshing. It’s so pure.

And it’s not just “Highway Tune.” They have many hits, and that number is still rising. From a gentle love song in “You’re The One,” to other heavy hitters such as “Black Smoke Rising,” or “Safari Song,” Greta Van Fleet has everything.

They recently released a new album in October of 2018 and their first album came out in 2017. And the band has already announced that we should expect their third album this year.

I cannot wait to see how far this band can go. I can’t wait to see the influence they have on other young bands. Trust me, if you call yourself a classic rock fan, this is the band we’ve been waiting for.

Rock n’ roll will never die. Thank you, Greta.

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