Sick of the Patriots? I sure am!

                  To all of the NFL fans who aren’t Patriots fans, rejoice. Another year with Tom Brady and the Pats in the Super Bowl. On behalf of all of you, I am sick of it.

You either love the Patriots or hate the Patriots. If you’re not a fan, you’re a hater. I’m a Steelers fan, so yeah, it’s safe to say that I hate the Patriots.

                  First I’d like to apologize to my family. Everyone in my family is a Patriots fan except me. But I am fully prepared to pick apart Brady, Belichick, and the entire organization. The luckiest and most overrated “dynasty” ever, filled with sketchy scandals and controversy.

                  To say I hate the Patriots is an understatement. I cannot stand them. I was more upset when they narrowly beat the Chiefs than I was when the Steelers were eliminated from playoff contention. The last thing I wanted was another Super Bowl with Brady.

                  Because yes, they do have five Super Bowls since 2000. But should they? Everyone says they’re this amazingly powerful dynasty of a franchise, but everyone is quick to forget Spygate.

                  The biggest coverup in NFL history.

                  Let’s see. The Jets catch the Patriots using video cameras to steal defensive signs. That’s cheating. Then four days later, the Patriots are hit with massive fines and a loss of draft picks BEFORE THE NFL EVEN INVESTIGATES FURTHER, but after a “closed-door” meeting. Hm… I wonder what was said.

                  Ten days later the NFL finally investigates Gillette Stadium. They found videotapes, notes, and diagrams (AKA evidence of cheating) from 2000-2007. Potentially 40 games, including the 2002 AFC Championship game against the Steelers. The Patriots knew defensive plays for seven years.

                  What happened to that evidence? The commissioner, Roger Goodell, ordered that it be destroyed immediately. Seven years of evidence, of cheating, gone.

                  That’s so sketchy, isn’t it? Maybe that explains why Goodell dropped a four-game suspension on Brady for deflating the ball. Maybe it was to make up for what he messed up.

                  But did Goodell mess up? Or did he sweep Spygate under the rug because Robert Kraft, the Patriots owner, is his good friend. (Oh and also Kraft played a role in getting Goodell the commissioner job…)

                  So, think about it. In seven years, the Patriots won three Super Bowls. In the twelve years since Spygate, they’ve only won two. Hmm… Interesting. Oh, and it’s not that hard to win three Super Bowls when Tom Brady knows the defenses he’s going up against.

                  And let’s talk about those two Super Bowls that they’ve won since 2007. In one of them, if the Seahawks were smart and didn’t pass the ball, the Patriots lose. In the other, if the Falcons do ONE thing right in the second half, the Patriots lose.

                  They are so lucky. Even in 2019. If Dee Ford isn’t lined up in the neutral zone, Tom Brady throws an interception to the Chiefs to ice the game.

                  So, three of those five Super Bowls should have asterisks. Two of those Super Bowls are pure luck. The Patriots could very easily be 0-8 in the Super Bowl.

                  And I’m tired of everyone saying, “You’re just angry because we’re winning.” Hell no. That’s not it. It’s the fact that they cheated and got away with it. The Patriots get all this credit for being a dynasty when the first seven years of it is tainted! It’s a disgrace to the league.

                  On top of that, Tom Brady is the most overrated quarterback in NFL history. There was a time when I respected him even though I hated him, but after analyzing the Patriots closely, I can’t even respect him. Without Belichick, he’s a nobody. Without spying, he’s a nobody.

                  All he does is these little check-down passes. His wide receivers are always wide open. He has the easiest job in the NFL. He’s well protected. And he gets a lot of questionable penalties… like when that guy grazed his facemask with his finger and they called it “roughing the passer.” Oh boo hoo.

                  I am sick and tired of the Patriots. I’m sick of the fans’ b.s. excuses when they lose, I’m sick of hearing Tom Brady’s name, I’m sick of Belichick and Kraft and everything. I cannot wait until Brady retires. You Patriots fans better appreciate this while it lasts.

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