Tree truck triggers holiday feelings

Devin Poslusny’s truck screams Christmas.  

Since students returned to classes after the Thanksgiving break, there have been sightings of a festive vehicle campus.

Snapchat stories have been seen every day with the mysterious “Christmas Tree Truck” being filmed as it drives across campus.

Why was the tree put into the truck in the first place? Simple. The owner just really likes Christmas.

Devin Poslusny, a freshman at Castleton University and owner of the infamous truck, is a BIG fan of the holidays.

So big that he drives around with a lit-up Christmas tree in his trunk, and a wreath on his bumper.

So big that he’s done this more than once. So big that he went out of his way to decorate the three houses on campus, and wants to decorate the other buildings, too.

“My family, if you see our house during Christmas time you can see it from space it’s so bright,” said Poslusny.

When he discovered that he could put a Christmas tree in the back of his newly bought truck, he didn’t hesitate. He did it last year as well when he was still in high school.

“I just showed up to school, and everyone loved it,” he said.

Poslusny knew he wanted to bring that same Christmas spirit to Castleton this year, too. He went home for Christmas break and came back with the “Christmas Tree Truck,” although he claims driving on the highway created some difficulties.

“It was like driving with a trailer, that’s the best analogy I can think of,” said Poslusny.

He gets a good laugh now at the doubt his friends had about the tree.

“A lot of my friends saw pictures and they were like, ‘ok? I don’t see it,’” he said.

Meanwhile he’s now created a buzz on campus, and his friends have fallen in love with the truck.

“He sent me a snapchat, and at first I thought he was joking,” said Kayla Laurie. “But then we all waited outside for it to arrive, and I was like oh, this guys for real.”

“What the fuck,” said Amanda Brault with a laugh when asked what her initial thoughts were. “But then I thought it was a great way to bring in the holiday spirit.”

“Kayla and the rest [of my friends] were like ‘Oh my gosh,’ in awe of the tree,” Poslusny said with a laugh.

There have been some unintended difficulties, however.

The truck is the only vehicle that he has on campus, meaning that whenever he needs to run errands, no matter how far away, the tree goes with him.

“One of my friends called me and asked if I could go to Rutland and tow them,” said Poslusny. “They had driven a quarter mile down this muddy road and needed me to tow them out.”

That meant he had to go to Rutland, tow them out, and do it all with this glowing tree in the back. Suffice to say, it provided many laughs for those involved.

“The Christmas tree didn’t really hinder or help at all, it was just kinda there,” said Laurie. “The Christmas tree did get dirty though.”

It wasn’t just the truck that he decided to decorate though. Once he got back to campus, he talked with the CAs of the houses and created a plan to decorate North and Audet. “I was just like, listen, give me the money, I’ll take care of this,” said Poslusny.

Lights on the roof, garland on the posts, and all of the lights set to a timer, so they go on and off automatically.

“It’s pretty cool. I enjoyed it because I love decorating,” said Poslusny. “If anybody on campus wants their building decorated, maybe not this year but next year, just let me know.”

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