Students debate when it’s ok to start Christmas

A resident in South House surely has the Christmas spirit. Photo by Brendan Crowley

Imagine seeing Christmas trees in the windows of houses in November. Or driving around, seeing Christmas lights way before Thanksgiving. Or even hearing festive holiday music on the radio as soon as Halloween ends.

This appears to be happening more and more. It seems like each year the Christmas season is extending, becoming longer and longer. Christmas decorations are in display in stores as early as November.

To some, it’s annoying. People get frustrated by the early arrival of wreaths and reindeer and Christmas. But for others, it makes the most wonderful time of the year even more wonderful.

In the wake of this occurrence, a new debate has begun: When is the official start of the Christmas season? When is it okay to break out the lights, the music, and the holiday cheer?

Castleton students are torn.

Senior Tayler Larmie seems to be the poster child for those who loves Christmas, and his take on the Christmas season is common among others.

“Right after Thanksgiving, like the second that dinner’s over, you can start playing Christmas music,” he said with some enthusiastic Christmas cheer. “The reason why is because I LOVE Christmas. Just call me Saint Nick. I am Santa Claus.”

Alex Jensen, on the other hand, is Santa’s biggest enemy.

“I’m a Scrooge. On the calendar Christmas is two days and that’s what it should be,” he said.

Then there are those who are somewhat in the middle. They may not be as enthusiastic as Larmie, but they sure do love Christmas and agree with his Christmas season guidelines.

Castleton sophomore Oliver Rodgers added his take on the Christmas debate.

“I love Christmas. My parents listen to Christmas music in August which is a little early. After Thanksgiving, Christmas music is fair game,” he said.

Allison Andrade agreed with Larmie and Rodgers as well.

“Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving, because that’s when I start my job as an elf,” she said with a smile.

Some, however, are closer to Jensen’s side of the spectrum. Perhaps Castleton junior Alexis Curley is not a Scrooge, but she declares the true Christmas season to be shorter.

“The week before Christmas,” she said. “I won’t feel really festive until I go home.”

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