SGA leader speaks out on vandal scandal

Graffiti was recently found on one of the bathroom stalls on campus. Anyone with information should contact Public Safety.

Student Government Association President James Wolfe recently sent out a schoolwide email addressing reports of vandalism taking place on campus. In the email, Wolfe explained that this vandalism is not a good representation of “The Castleton Way.”

“I find the vandalism very disrespectful. This is a place for ideas, learning, and making connections. Nowhere in that does vandalism have a place. There are individuals that call this place a home. I just wish that the individuals that have done this, realize that it is disrespectful and work toward giving back to this campus and the community,”  Wolfe said in a follow-up interview.

SGA advisor Matthew Patry said he is pleased at the way Wolfe and the rest of the Student Government are handling this situation.

“I am very disappointed that these certain things are happening,” Patry said. “I am also very glad that James sent out this letter because I believe that it will show students that we don’t put up with this type of behavior.”

The vandalism has been an ongoing thing on Castleton’s campus and some students say they are fed up with the situation. And student government leaders are asking students to step up and report if they know anything.

“I hope people do come forward if they know any information. I hope that all members hold each other accountable for their actions. I really do want the vandalism to cease,” Wolfe said.

Sophomore Jac Culpo, who is a delegate in the SGA, wondered out loud why someone is vandalizing the school in the first place.

“I don’t get it. I feel that they are just trying to get a reaction from the college and it’s not working,” he said.

Public Safety is still investigating the issue and student government leaders are asking students to help if they know anything.


Anyone with information on the vandalism should notify Public Safety at (802) 468-1215.

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