Students love their fall break

It’s not the norm in the United States for a college to have a break every five weeks. Many universities give three standard breaks at Thanksgiving, over Christmas and in the spring.

This is not the case for Castleton University, where students also enjoy an October break.

Students say they use the week-long break in many different ways. It’s a nice time to unwind for some as knowing they are heading into the more gritty part of the semester.

For sophomore Kasey Allen, it was about catching up.

“I caught up with family, sleep and homework. It was much needed,” Allen said.

Frankie Darwak is very grateful that Castleton has implemented the break for its students.

“We are one of the only schools in the country that offers this kind of break. It allows us to have a mental recap when we get home to take a break from academics and rekindle with family and friends,” the sophomore said.

Fellow sophomore Haley Mikkelsen always looks forward to the break’s arrival too.

“It’s a fantastic system. It’s one of the things that made me most excited about Castleton, as it helps prevent burnout and social isolation very well and gets us out of recurring cycles,” Mikkelsen said.

Patrick Lucey is also a fan and hopes Castleton will continue the break for years to come.

“Future students will appreciate it. Many people get to that point where they are mentally checking out. It’s good to get revamped and refreshed every five weeks,” the sophomore said.

All students spend their breaks in different ways. Lucey spent ample time with a friend he’s made here at Castleton.

“I went to my buddy’s house in Massachusetts and spent time with him and his family,” he said.

For Mikkelsen it was all about family and friends.

“I visited my brother and sister-in-law in New Hampshire and spent time with my dad and stepmom, and lastly I spent time with my best friend before she heads off to basic training,” she said.

Now that students are back, they say they feel rejuvenated and ready to go.

“After getting back into the swing of things from the summer, adjusting to the busy schedule is tough, but the week home helps refocus,” Allen said.

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