Break in, vandalism

Over fall break, two dorm rooms in Babcock Hall were broken into and items were stolen out of them.

“One of them, we are aware that their room was left unlocked,” director of Public Safety Keith Molinari said. “One of them, the room was locked, which puts the list of suspects pretty slim.”

There was, however, no sign of forced entry into the locked dorm room.

“At some point, yes, someone did enter that room without a key,” he said.

Sebastien Crowell, a senior sociology major, was one of the victims of the burglarizing, and brought it to the Castleton Spartan’s attention. He said he wanted people to know that this happened before homecoming so that they could be aware of it.

“Homecoming is probably the party central of this university,” he said. “After many years I’ve been at this school, this has never happened to me before. It just shocked me a little bit.”

In addition to the rooms being burglarized, there have been a string of vandalisms on campus. SGA president James Wolfe emailed everyone in the Castleton community about the incident, talking about the Castleton way.

“To many Spartans, this is a lifelong motto that each member of this community should strive to uphold their entire life,” the email stated. “We see these incidents as an affront to the Castleton University way of life.”

Molinari on Monday said the vandalism continued last weekend and is urging students to help stop it.

“Most often these types of tags are from the same person,”he said.

He applauded Wolfe’s email too.

“I was very proud of SGA on that,” he said. “That’s exactly what we need on campus. If I sent an email like that, it would be a lot less meaningful.”

Anyone with information on either of these incidents is asked to inform public safety at (802) 468-1215.

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