New job portal for CU

Finding a job or an internship is no easy task. It requires creating a resume and a cover and you have to find employers who want an intern.

But, Castleton’s Career Services is here to help, with a new subscription to an online job board called College Central Network.

The Vermont State College System is providing this system to students and alumni to connect them with employers who are looking for interns or employees at companies around Castleton.

So far, 48 companies have registered, Director of Career Services, Reneé Beaupré-White said.

She also pointed out users can view jobs and internships posted anywhere in the United States as well.

“It’s the nation’s largest entry-level job board,” Beaupré-White said.

And it is completely FREE for students and alumni to use.

She said it not only shows you job and internship postings, but has various resources to help you get the job you want, such as articles on how to write a cover letter, podcasts that give advice on all aspects of this process, an event calendar specific to Castleton Career Services and informational videos.

“You can get information, a ton of information. How to tie a knot in a tie, interview advice, resume basics,” Beaupré-White said.

All students have to do to access this resource is register, she said. And 135 students have done so since the beginning of the school year when it was introduced.

Once students register, they can immediately start using the website, Beaupré-White said.

If students upload their resume onto the site, they can get feedback and edits directly from Beaupré-White without having to meet with her in person, she said.

“They can access this at any time, it’s at their fingertips,” Beaupré-White said.

There is even an app that can be downloaded on a cell phone or tablet.

Two students who have already registered, seniors Alexandre Forest and Chidinma Ezugwu, say it’s a great resource.

“The layout of the portal is very simple and it’s organized in a way that brings you to whatever you need,” Forest said.

Ezugwu has started looking at some of the things it has to offer and thinks they have been helpful.

“I currently use the portal to access resources, articles, etc., that would enable me to be job ready post-graduation,” she said.

The goal is to have every student register, Beaupré-White said.

Some of the efforts to get students to register include e-mails she has sent out and Dean of Advancement Jeff Weld is also working to get the word out.

“We are still trying to figure out the best way to get it out there in the public and make them aware of it,” he said. “Like with any product, any platform we introduce, there’s a learning curve and people need time to adjust to new technology and things like that.”

This website is a great way for students to become aware of opportunities available to them not only by helping them find jobs to apply to but introducing them to companies they may not have known about, Weld said.

But of three students polled on campus, none had heard about this new resource.

This system will replace the former online internship forum Career Services had before, which did not allow students to narrow their search or see national job postings.

But what Beaupré-White emphasized is this will only help students if they use it and put in the effort.

“Don’t rely on just one thing, don’t just rely on networking, don’t rely just on this. Do as much as possible because the reality is finding a job is a job,” Beaupré-White said.


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