Eyes up, Guardian: major D2 changes

“Destiny 2: Forsaken’s” release is right around the corner. In this climactic and game-changing chapter, the beloved hunter, vanguard Cayde-6, makes his last stand against Uldren Sov and his eight Barons.

In this new expansion, your guardian will go to the Reef to discover and explore the wild, unbound, chaotic nature of The Tangled Shore, a new untamed area of The Reef we’ve never seen before. Along with that there will be nine new supers, three for each subclass of the classes Titan, Hunter, and Warlock.

There will also be a new raid called “Last Wish” that takes place in the Dreaming City, a once glorious Awoken structure now turned into a corrupt, infested area of darkness. Now, The Reef was barely touched on in vanilla “Destiny.” All our guardians saw of it were when we first met Mara Sov and Uldren, then the social space the “Vestian Outpost” in expansion two of “Destiny,” “The House of Wolves,” which released back in May of 2015.

On top of the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City to explore, there will be a whole bunch of new weapons, armor, exotics, ships, ghost shells, sparrows and a new collection system being integrated into the game.

With that, there are many changes too, like weapon slot variation, and a key feature that is being re-implemented into the game that longtime “Destiny” players have missed dearly.

Random perk rolls on weapons and armor, what’s so exciting about this? Back in “Destiny,” you could loot three of the same gun, but each one would have a different perk. You could keep the one that suited your play style and dismantle the others. Then “Destiny 2” comes around and players noticed the weapons had static perks, meaning if you got one weapon, and picked up a duplicate, it would be the same and useless to keep.

Another new feature that will be coming in “Destiny 2: Forsaken” is the game mode called Gambit. This game mode blends the worlds of PVE and PVP.

Both teams of four start off in the ship of this new character called the Drifter. The key is to kill enemies, obtain their motes and then cash them in. One player from each team can invade the other team for 30 seconds via a portal that opens up periodically throughout the match. The first team to summon and kill their primeval wins the game.

“Forsaken” is looking to be the best expansion in the “Destiny” Universe to date. Get ready to traverse the Tangled Shore and hunt down Uldren Sov and his Barons to avenge Cayde-6 when “Destiny 2: Forsaken” launches September 4.

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