Program aims to get students moving

Students participate in a CU Move for 60 game in Glenbrook Gymnasium. Photo courtesy of Katy Culpo. 

Castleton University’s new initiative called “CU Move for 60” is offering students free fitness classes at varied times during the week to get students moving – instead of stressing.

According to Kathleen Culpo, associate professor and Health Education program coordinator for the university, the initiative began following a meeting discussing student needs on campus. CU data collected from the National College Health Assessment revealed that students’ top five academic impacts are stress, anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties and colds and flu.

“Here’s what else we know … physical activity is one of the best medicines for all five!” Culpo said.

Culpo and other faculty and clubs involved in this project strive to not only help students find connections through these classes, but to also teach them how to create healthy habits that they will be able to carry with them in their future.

Taylor Benson, a senior, has enjoyed attending the classes and hopes more students try them.

“I’m getting a great workout without having to spend any extra money,” Benson said.

Other students taking the classes say they make it fun by going with friends. The encouraging atmosphere allows students to challenge themselves at their own pace.

Sheila Jones, master trainer at Club Fitness and instructor of “CU Move for 60” classes, is excited to help students become more active at the university. Passionate about fitness, Jones wants students to feel welcomed to her classes, and to be able to continue their healthy habits beyond college.

She understands the hardest part about going to the gym, to a class, or doing any kind of physical activity, is to go in the first place. She hopes the variety of classes offered and at no extra cost to students will entice them to give them a try.

“I want students to take a class and realize that they feel better,” Jones said.

Classes offered include Spin/Circuit Training and Muscle Movement/Relaxation at the Haskell Wellness Studio Monday through Thursday mornings and afternoons. Swim classes at the CU Pool Center are also being offered on Sundays at 7 p.m. These times and classes are subject to change based on feedback from students in the future.

“It’s a lifestyle that no matter where you go in life, you’re gonna have to find a gym, find an activity, and keep moving for the rest of our lives to keep our independence,” Jones said.

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