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“It’s hard to describe how you feel when you are stranded on a small island in the fjord of Oslo, Norway, and your phone battery is dead, and the sky decides to open up on you.  I certainly am not capable of running through all those emotions in these few sentences but I thought it might give you all a good idea of why I love to travel.

Some may say, “But Cameron, that sounds like it was an awful time!” and I suppose to some it might be, but to me and others with the same sense of adventure that is “where the fun begins” when you set out to see the world.

When I studied abroad in Scotland I was fortunate and ambitious enough to visit Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and Northern Ireland during a whirlwind of a semester.  During that time I was able to eat incredible food (pinxos are to DIE for!), experience legendary cities (looking at you, Rome), and simply get outside my comfort zone.

Truly, I believe that last bit to be the most important.  If anything, traveling has taught me to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Embrace spontaneity.  Talk to the locals.  Get stranded on islands or whatever else floats your boat.  Trust me, by simply putting ourselves out there – even though it could put us in danger – you stand a much better chance of walking away satisfied with the life you have come to live.

I certainly know I do, and I cannot wait to venture forth into new territory and experience those feelings all over again.”

-Cameron Pratt

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