CU Humane Society Club is resurrected

Alexandra Nelson walks one of the dogs at the Rutland County Humane Society. Photo courtesy of Bethany Alvarez. 

The Humane Society Club has been dormant since 2013 but recently, sophomore Bethany Alvarez has changed that. Alvarez, an animal lover, restarted the club after becoming a member of the Student Government Association.

“Our intentions are to volunteer on weekends at shelters. I would like to pair with Emily Gleason and start a community service project in which students can receive hours,” Alvarez said.

The Humane Society Club on campus has three active members that volunteer.

“[They come] every week or every other week to help with walking dogs and cat socializing,” said Sue Smith, the volunteer coordinator for the Rutland County Humane Society.

“We could not do what we do here at the shelter without the support of our volunteers and we appreciate all their help,” she said.

In December, Alvarez and her vice president of the club, Ally Nelson, spent hours making homemade pillows and blankets to sell as a fundraiser and to donate to the humane society. Alvarez is also an avid artist, drawing portraits of animals and people. She said she sold some of her artwork along with another club member.

“We ended up raising over $200 dollars for our club and then we collected donations. We collected about 130 comforters, pillows and food for the animals,” she said.

In the past, the club has gone on trips to New York City and Boston to volunteer in shelters that house more than 100 dogs. At the larger shelters the club would walk, play, and clean the dogs Alvarez said.

“It’s a big service project and I’m trying to raise enough money to do that this year,” she said.

She has high hopes for the club now and in the future and hopes that you will be a part of it too.

Originally there was huge interest in the club with around 15 people asking to sign up Alvarez said.     

“Lately, it’s been dwindling so we would like to attract more attention to the club,” she said.

She encourages students who are seeking community service hours or simply have a love for animals to look into the club and become a member.

The Humane Society Club has a Facebook group and you can contact Bethany directly for more information on how to get involved. If you are an animal lover, the Humane Society Club is the perfect fit for you.

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