Suggestion box gives a voice to students

The new semester has brought a lot of changes to Castleton University; a new president, new initiatives – and new suggestion boxes.

But eight out of 10 students interviewed don’t know the boxes in the library and Campus Center even exist.

Throughout the semester, President Karen Scolforo has been seen at many Castleton events including Pink The Rink and has created her weekly message, Calling All Spartans, which is used to keep students informed on what she has been working on.

In a recent interview, she mentioned that she wants to be part of the Castleton community and she encourages people to follow her on social media accounts.

The suggestion boxes were set up to get opinions from Castleton Community about what they want changed around campus, she said.

So far, suggestions have included access to resources, more extra curricular activities and increased library hours. Students also say they want to bring a spring concert to Castleton. Scolforo said she’s taking the suggestions seriously.

“I read each and every one of the suggestions that I get,” she said.

Students are encouraged to contribute their ideas to these boxes and if they worried about having their ideas seen by other students, there is a link in Calling all Spartans for you to submit your ideas anonymously.

Along with these “Idea Boxes” Scolforo meets with Student Government Association President Isabel Gogarty once a month to discuss new ideas, including the often mentioned . spring concert.

“It’s more of an SGA thing,” Scolforo said.

In a recent article in Calling All Spartans, it revealed that Gogarty was working with student leaders on organizing the event.

With this being the first year of suggestion boxes, students haven’t really settled on whether they like it or not. But they all agree that if they are used correctly they would be a success.

“I think they would be a great idea if they are used properly,” sophomore Brianna Rafus said. Freshmen Alyssa Lubow agreed saying “I didn’t know about it until now, but it would be a great idea if you they were used correctly.

Senior Eli Stone said he likes the idea of students getting an ear with the president.

“I think that boxes are a great idea and would be helpful for students to voice their opinions,” he said.

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