Spartan used in Comedy troupe act

“So, there is a section in this newspaper here at campus, it’s called Sam on the Street, and it’s about this question about legalized weed in Vermont… And there is this one guy here, his name is Michael Morgan, and his quote is ‘Best Thing Ever’.”

That’s how emcee Robb Coles opened the show for his improv/comedy troupe, Broadway’s Next Hit Musical.

BNHM travels the country doing improv shows. They have all the people who come to the show write down a fake song title of their choosing on a piece of paper before going into the theatre. The troupe then picks one of them at random and completely improvs a made-up scene, from a made-up play, that features that song. They then have the crowd vote on which scene and song they liked the most. The winning performance is then made into a full scale 50-minute improvised play for the crowd to enjoy.

If you’re wondering what newspaper he was holding up in the beginning, it was none other than our very own Spartan. And I must admit, it was really cool to see that even people who have nothing to do with our campus or community, would still be willing to read our paper. Even if the purpose of reading the paper was to crack some jokes to open the show.

Of course, Coles didn’t have just one joke to make. He then opened the newspaper to a new page and started a new joke. “I got the opportunity to eat in your dining hall, Huden, is what it’s called I think, and let me tell you, I didn’t think you could make medium rare chicken. However, if you happen to be struggling with that, this girl here has a solution, she eats dirt!”

As for the rest of the show that followed, it was 90 minutes of non-stop laughs. It’s not a secret that most students don’t enjoy going to Soundings events, so much so that the winning song was titled, “The School is Forcing Me to be Here,” which makes it even more impressive that when the students were leaving after the show, the general chatter was about how great the show was.

As my good friend and fellow freshman, Jordan Phillips, said, “That was way funnier than I thought it was going to be.”

If you would like to download the winning song, “The School is Forcing Me to be Here”, or just check out when and where they are performing next, you can find all that information on their website,

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