The party of a lifetime

Eagles fans line the street for last week’s Super Bowl parade. Photo by Briana Bocelli. 

A sea of green flooded the city of Philadelphia on Thursday as close to three million people came out to witness the party of all parties; The Super Bowl victory parade.

Birds fans of all ages came out as early as 3 a.m. to secure a front row seat to see the World Champions.

The six-mile stretch of Broad Street was a blanket of green and people were packed in like sardines, some even scaled the rooftops and trees to get a better view.

Fans began singing the Eagles Fight Song and others shouted “Fuck Tom Brady” to pass the time.

Nerf footballs and beach balls bounced around in the crowd and across the street.

One girl hopped the fence and collided with a police officer.

She was eventually put in handcuffs.

People chanted “Let her go” in unison, but let’s just say they didn’t let her go.

The once in a lifetime parade kicked-off at 11 a.m. sharp from Lincoln Financial Field down the entirety of Broad Street to the Museum of Art in Center City.

    Green open-top busses with the words “World Champions” etched on the sides shot confetti out into the mob of people, introducing the men of the hour.

Nick Foles held the Lombardi Trophy high above his head for all the world to see with Carson Wentz standing behind him, smiling from ear to ear.

A glimmer of light shined down upon them from heaven itself. The football gods threw the underdogs a bone.

Cheers erupted and tears fell from the faces of many, while complete strangers embraced eachother out of sheer joy.

It was a moment that Eagles fans had dreamt of their entire lives. It gave real meaning to the nickname “The City of Brotherly Love.”

It was a day that will live inside the hearts of Philadelphians for many years to come.

Jennifer McCaffrey is from Philly and has been an Eagles fan her entire life. She married a die-hard Patriots fan and moved to New England. She described the win as “sweet redemption for 2005.”

Like thousands of others, McCaffrey made the trip to see the Eagles parade down Broad Street.

“Everyone was wonderful, it was one big dance party. I was awoken by the Eagles chant at 5 a.m. and steadily watched people stream in and cheer all morning,” she said.

McCaffrey couldn’t contain her appreciation for what the Eagles have done for the city of Philadelphia.

“I’d just like to say thank you,” she said. “For their heart, their dedication, their perseverance, for everything. You are royalty. One person makes a difference, a team makes a miracle. We love you!”

Savannah Valentin, a Philly native, also joined the festivities Thursday, describing her experience at the parade as “completely amazing” and something she will never forget.

“The energy and atmosphere of the fans and team was out of this world. Definitely something once in a lifetime,” Valentin said. “Thank you for being such a great team and working together to give this city and fans something they waited so long for! We finally did it!”

Matthew Russell from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, has been a fan since 1985. He recalls watching the Eagles on TV as a young boy and so grew his love affair.

He said he was “cautiously optimistic” about the Eagles after Wentz and many key starters went down, but he “never gave up hope.”

He also spoke about the mood of the crowd.

“Everyone around us seemed to be having a good time and behaving, so that is always a good thing. Many people were making the best of their day off and treating it like a tailgate,” Russell said. “They made the city proud and it proved we love our sports in Philly, but it is an Eagles town above all else.”

Alexandra Donato was born and raised in South Philly. She has been an Eagles fan for her entire life – except when Michael Vick was signed on as their quarterback. She said the energy at the parade was “electric.”

“The parade was an amazing experience. Being in my hometown, in the neighborhood I grew up in, celebrating with all of my family and friends was something I can’t put into words,” Donato said. “Keep up the awesome work so we can see them next year on Broad Street as well. Go underdogs!”

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