One down

If you have not read my previous two “Fresh Perspectives” from the first semester, I’ll sum them up for you real quick. I️ wasn’t exactly sure if my cat was alive for the first five weeks of school. However, when I️ went home for October break, I️ was happy to announce that he was indeed still living.

Well, now the rest of the first semester has come and gone. Another 10 weeks later, and I️ am very pleased to announce that my cat, Remy Crowley, is STILL alive and kicking.

I️ can now say that I️ have finished my first semester of college, which is a little insane to me; it flew by, like super fast.. I️ couldn’t believe at the end of the semester that it was already Christmas. Overall, I️ really did have a great semester.

Finals week was hell. I️ had something like five essays and three projects stacked on top of the actual studying. My schedule for a good two weeks was wake up, go to class, work on finals. It was rough, but it was all worth it in the end.

I️ met a lot of cool people. I️ think one awesome part about my first semester was Castleton’s amazing ability to randomly select six guys to put into a suite who, for the most part, got along quite well. I️ was very nervous at first when I️ heard that the roommate selection was completely random, but it ended up working out. My best friends on campus are the guys I️ live with, so that’s definitely been a great experience.

Just from one semester and these first two weeks of second semester, I️ have quickly learned just how amazing Castleton’s professors really are; each and every one of them are truly dedicated to the students and that has been a major help.

There was one professor in particular who really helped me a lot: my FYS advisor, Professor Garcia, who really set the tone. Here I️ was, a young student heading into freshmen year of college, with the idea that my professors would be very serious people who are only focused on education. However, my first experience with a college professor was the guy who had memes of himself on his office door. Thanks, Garcia.

Then of course, we had this awesome three week vacation between semesters, something I️ had never experienced before.

All semester long, my goal was to be unrecognizable when I️ came home. I grew my hair out and lost some weight, hoping that no one would know me when I️ saw my family and friends.

That failed miserably. Some people recognized me and I️ didn’t even recognize them, it was really sad. However, I️ was very glad to be back in a place where no one calls ice cream a creemee, soft serve all the way.

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