Humans of CU

“I like dirt. It tastes kinda gross. It’s crunchy. I don’t know how you accidentally eat dirt, but I was the one to do it. My sister and I dug away a part of the hill that was by the goat barn and the side of it was just sand so Hanna and I would always be there, we would bury each other in it.

“That’s how I ate dirt a lot. One time we were so filthy, my mom wouldn’t let us come inside until we hosed off. I’m pretty sure that just turned into a water fight, just like everything else does.

“I don’t think I ever stopped eating dirt. Even now with my edible plant class, I still eat dirt with that since you can’t get all the dirt off the plants you pull out of the ground. It’s good for the immune system.”

 -Emily Cromie

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