Athletes stoked about Thomas Dairy milk

A Thomas Dairy delivery truck sports the Castleton Spartans logo. Photo by Jimmy Burns. 

Chocolate milk, in recent years, has been proven to be one of the top recovery drinks for athletes post workout. Compared to plain milk, water or other sports drinks, chocolate milk has double the protein and carbohydrate content making it perfect for replenishing tired and cramped muscles.

And thanks to a recent partnership between Castleton University and Thomas Dairy of Rutland, all CU athletes will receive a complementary chocolate milk after every home contest.

“Our student-athletes are thrilled to be receiving Thomas chocolate milk,” said Associate Dean of Athletics and Recreation Deanna Tyson. “It’s used as a recovery fuel that restores carbohydrates and protein quickly into their muscle tissue to get them ready for their next competition.”

Aside from its post workout recovery benefits, Thomas Dairy’s milk is free of RBST, a growth hormone commonly used in cows to help them produce more milk, which is unnatural.

“RBST is a hormone that some farmers give to their cows to make them produce more milk,” said Abbey Thomas, the fifth generation member of the Thomas family. “So, it obviously has side effects in human consumption, so we have always pledged to be a hormone-free dairy.”

Larger dairy corporations obtain their milk from a number of different farms, making it difficult to regulate the RBST levels that each farm is consistently giving their cows.

“A bigger farm like Hood would not be able to classify themselves RBST free because they have so many farms they get their milk from,” Thomas added.

Castleton University’s athletic program has 559 athletes and all are being provided the proper recovery drink every time the clock strikes zero and the buzzer sounds, ending the game. That adds up to 3,389-pint-sized chocolate milks that the students could not enjoy more.

“With the relationship with Castleton, I think it has really helped our chocolate milk spread out and become even more popular. But we think people really have taken to the idea that it is a good recovery drink and it’s also really tasty, obviously,” Thomas said as she chuckled.

“Honestly, I look forward to it after every game,” said senior Ryan Smith of the Castleton men’s hockey team. “I never knew of its benefits until I arrived at Castleton, and immediately was onboard with it. I mean, its chocolate, and it’s good for you. Come on.”

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