Wolk’s mark on CU athletics is everywhere

I want to start by saying that former president Dave Wolk is awesome and if every athletic building on campus were named after him I’d be perfect fine with that.

That’s how much Wolk has meant to me in my four years on campus and I don’t even play sports! What he has done to transform this campus has allowed me, and so many others before and after me, to pursue the goal of becoming a sports journalist.

Since coming to Castleton, the University has purchased the Spartan Arena in Rutland, built a new stadium, renovated Glennbrook gym, renovated the baseball and softball fields, built a rugby pitch, created a wrestling room adding both women’s rugby and men’s wrestling in the last two years all within Wolk’s vision.

Now try saying that without taking a breath.

The impact the Wolk had on Castleton athletics can only be described as a ripple effect. And let me take you through a few of those ripples.

By adding so many sports Wolk has helped the college increase its enrollment. Not only by athletes looking to play for quality programs but it also attracts the average student who enjoys going to watch successful teams compete.

Sports like hockey, being added in 2003, and Football in 2007, helped Castleton athletics become a destination spot. Where are families going on a fall afternoon in Castleton? They’re going to watch CU football and listen to Vince Allo scream about getting “A SPARTAN FIRST DOWN!” Or where are you going on a cold Friday night? Spartan Arena to watch CU hockey where you often catch Wolk himself.

But then you have to think about all the coaches who wouldn’t have a job at this university if it weren’t for this man’s plan.

The effort and passion that Wolk put in to making this university great shows in the love that the university is giving back to Wolk.

It takes a special type of person to have both a stadium and a trophy named after them immediately following therir departure from the university.

Dave Wolk is that person.

He loved this place and this place loved him, and I think I can speak for many when I say we’ll miss you President Wolk.

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