Seniors share their plans after graduation

Seniors meet and share their fears of what the future may hold for them, discussing different plans after they graduate. Photo by Olivia Maher. 

Students from many majors worry about what they’ll do after college, so if you’re worried about it, you aren’t alone.

While rounding the corner to the finish line of senior year, this fear will most likely be even more apparent, which is why Castleton University hosts the annual Senior Social, where students of the senior class have the opportunity to sit down with Castleton alumni to discuss what happens after college.

“It was definitely reassuring to see all of the alumni saying that they were able to get jobs and that they’re doing well now,” said senior graphic design major Lindsey Reno.

Reno is not alone in needing reassurance having to do with what happens after graduation.

“Seeing people there with my specific major and concentration having jobs made me feel a lot more confident about leaving here and being able to find a job, especially locally, because all of them are working around here,” said Kit Hudson.

Some students, like Tone´ Sawyer, are comfortable with the idea that they don’t know what they’re doing after college.

“I’m not confident at all. I have no idea what I’m going to be doing with my life as soon as May 13 hits,” said Sawyer. “I may know that I might not be working in my field now, but I still have no idea what I’ll be doing.”

What many students eventually find out is that the classes they were taking and the major they graduate with doesn’t always define what they do after college.

“When I was a student, I wanted to do journalism. I interned at a lot of local papers, I worked for the Rutland Herald for three years. I had a lot of great opportunities, and then I met Jeff Weld, who is currently the dean of advancement. I interned with him my senior year in the Castleton marketing and communications department and really fell in love with public relations, and the day I graduated was the day he called me and asked me if I wanted a full-time job,” said Castleton alumna and Assistant Director of University Relations, Courtney Widli.

Molly DeMellier also graduated from Castleton with a journalism concentration, but now also works for the college.

“I’m the assistant director of the Castleton Fund and donor relations. I oversee the Spartan Shield Society, so I mostly focus on fund-raising for all of our athletic teams,” DeMellier said.

But DeMellier didn’t stop going to school right after college, she went on to get her masters in public relations and corporate communications in Manhattan at New York University.

While there are a few majors at Castleton where students know exactly what they’re going to be doing when they graduate, what seems to matter more is the people they’ve networked with during their years in college.

“It’s amazing how many internships, being local and having Castleton connections turn into job possibilities,” Widli said.

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