It’s now free to ski Pico

Skiing for just a day at Killington is going to cost most people over $100. An adult day ticket, purchased at the ticket window at the resort is $115, and if you don’t own equipment, you’ll have to pay to rent as well.

To solve this issue, the company that owns Killington and Pico mountains has teamed up with the Castleton University Student Government Association to offer full-time undergrad students at Castleton a free pass to Pico.

“I came to Castleton because of it’s proximity to the mountains,” said sophomore and life-long Pico skier Andrew Borden. Borden and his family grew up skiing Pico and prefer it to Killington for the more laid-back experience.

Students from far away could be the ones who benefit most from the opportunity.

“I live in British Columbia when I’m not as Castleton, so bringing ski equipment here would be difficult. I also have athletic commitments during the winter so I can’t really go skiing enough for the full ski pass to make sense for me to buy,” said junior Jocelyn Forrest.

Forrest likes to ski but plays hockey. With practice and games virtually every day, there isn’t much free time for her to go skiing. For her, it makes so much sense to take advantage of the free pass to Pico. On top of skiing for free, rental equipment will be discounted.

Students are not the only ones that will benefit from this pass.

“I thought it would be a good way for the school to market itself,” said Student Government Association secretary Mitchell LaFlam. “I think down the line it’ll be very beneficial to bring students in to the school.”

The Student Government helped make the free passes possible through financial support.

Another aspect of the pass is attractive to students is it doesn’t limit students to skiing only Pico. With a $150 add on, students will be able to ski at Killington and enjoy other seasonal activities there.

“There’s going to be a mountain biking pass and a mountain biking lesson on the pass, and you’ll also be able to take the gondola up and down the mountain as well,” said LaFlam.

Students say the new deal will allow students to enjoy the mountains and keep their money in their pockets.

“I think this pass will be awesome for people who ski multiple times a week and all the way to people who only get out a few times a season,” said senior and Okemo Mountain School ski coach Ryder Hathaway.

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