Mini golf brings major fun to the library

The library staff sets up a golf course to attract families on homecoming weekend. Photo by Tim Brosnan. 

This past weekend was homecoming for Castleton University, which meant several alumni events and student-family activities taking place around campus.

Perhaps the most interesting, however, was an 18-hole mini golf course set up throughout the campus library.

Before the event, Library Director Jami Yazdani, said she hoped the event would be fun, and informative.

“The hope is that the library can become more of a destination than a stop for students, families, and alumni this weekend. We’re happy to host a cool event and have alumni and their families come have fun and hopefully see what the library has to offer,” she said.

About halfway through the course it was clear that the envisioned result was being accomplished.  Not only were alumni, family, and current students all enjoying the course; they were getting a good feel for the library as well.

The course stretched all the way around the library. It started upstairs with four holes winding around several bookshelves. A fun transition hole was even incorporated on the staircase, probably intended to provide players with an easy hole in one (although some managed not to).

Downstairs, the course weaved through tables, more shelves, and several obstacles like stools and toy snakes.

Several people, including children accompanied by their families could be seen and heard laughing, botching putts off the course, candidly playing them as lie, and excitedly reading aloud the names of books and magazines that they found interesting as they passed them by.

The course ended with a surprise 19th hole that, as long as you shot a hole in one, awarded you with a free stuffed animal.

Yet, holes in one on this challenging but fun course were not exactly easy to come by. However, whenever one was made, it was clear by the ecstatic outbursts in a library that is otherwise quiet.

“MOMMY MADE A HOLE IN ONE!” shouted an unidentified toddler in the distance.

All in all, the final result and initial goal of the course seemed to match up in the end. A few Castleton freshman guys were enjoying the course and said it was actually an educational process.

“I learned where the fiction section is, which is good because I like fiction and I didn’t know where it was before,” said Alden Krawczyk.

“There are actually way more books than I thought,” said Alex Blaiklock. “It definitely turned the library into a more fun and friendly environment for me. I hope they do this next year.”


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