Sam takes over Soundings

It was move in day for new Soundings Coordinaor Sam Green, as she tacks up decorations in her new office. Photo by Seldon Hill. 

With the new school year underway at Castleton University, many of the students will be attending required Soundings events.

What most of these students won’t know, however, is that the Soundings program will have gone through a slight shift in management.

Samantha “Sam” Green is the new Soundings manager taking over for Jess Cowden. Green has worked as a video technician at the school for the past five years.

“I like it here,” she began. “I could definitely see myself retiring here. I think the people here believe in what they’re doing.”

Green said she hopes to make changes to the program so students want to attend events.

“Soundings is mandatory,” she said. “I want to make it more enjoyable.  A lot of kids don’t want to go to these events because they’re mandatory. They talk about it [Soundings] as they do about their other required general education courses. I want to have Soundings be more of something to look forward to, perhaps mandatory fun.”

This past summer Cowden left Castleton to move to Colorado, which in turn, opened the Soundings doors to Green.

“I understand that Jess Cowden moved back to Colorado,” she said. “I support this and want to keep bringing the energy that she had.”

When asked if there are any events coming up in this semester’s Soundings event schedule to look forward to, she was quick to answer.

“A Star Has Burnt My Eye,” she said. “It is a show put together by Howard Fishman. The show features songs written by Connie Converse, which had been found after her death. Fishman turned the forgotten music into a show. It’s pretty cool and I’m looking forward to it, so I hope students enjoy it as well.”

Green will still be working part-time as video technician out of Leavenworth Hall in addition to her new Soundings duties.

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