LCD disappoints a pretty big fan

On Sept. 1 LCD Soundsystem released their new album, "American Dream," and it brings an interesting discussion- What do you do when a band you really love releases music that you really don’t like?

While I didn’t enjoy the whole journey, I think it’s important to find what you like about it. What I really appreciate about this album is what I like about LCD Soundsystem’s music in general. It’s just so fun to listen to for the first time.

My favorite songs by them are the ones you can tell that they had fun with, like "Drunk Girls" and "All My Friends." This album has two core tracks that made me smile like a madman while casually walking to class, which are "Tonite" and "Emotional Haircut."

"Emotional Haircut" shows playful character that you’d expect from the band by making fun of ridiculous hairstyles from the past with clever lyrics that will make you go back and listen again.

“It’s different from any of the music you hear on the radio,” said Sadie Baker, a senior accounting major at Castleton.

She said she really enjoyed the “last few seconds that leave you on the edge of your seat.

John Barone, a senior music major at Castleton, was not a fan at all. “It sounds like Joy Division if they sucked. Oh wait, Joy Division does suck.”

Some publications, like The Advocate, scalded the new album, writing that, “If Murphy would get over himself, his albums might be less bland,” while The Ithacan was more modest and respectful of their work, stating that the album is, “Not quite good enough to recommend, but not bad enough to condemn.” I think that’s where this album sits for me too.

Whether you’re into electronic or rock, or even if you’re a fan of their previous work, missing LCD Soundsystem’s new album isn’t that big of a deal, just try to see the good through all of the negative reviews.

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