Managing our stress

Everyone in this world deals with stress differently and students at Castleton University are no different.

Castleton Student Miranda Messeck said she chooses to exercise to ease that stress that college life brings.

“For me running and working out in general, time with my horses, dog and animals in general, driving and listening to music all help me cope with stress,” she said.

            Students say when they are stressed, it can affect their body, mood, and behavior. Some of these effects include headaches, fatigue, upset stomachs and sleep problems. Severe stress, they say, can cause anxiety and depression.

Chelsea Bard deals with her stress by weight lifting, listening to music and driving around. She said sometimes just getting in her 2008 Honda CR-V and driving aimlessly for a half hour to an hour is she needs to deflate and feel better.

Morgan Rainville said he deals with his stress by taking some time to himself to just relax and listen to country music. He finds that if he can just be alone for a few hours and shut off his brain, he can focus much better and accomplish more afterward.

Dr. J. David Forbes, a psychologist quoted in a recent article on college stress, says getting enough sleep will help combat stress.

“As long as our available energy exceeds our tension level, then we’re in an okay state,” Forbes said. “But if energy is low and tensions are higher, then that can result in a state of anxiety, depression, and feeling overwhelmed.”

            Forbes offered various tips to reduce stress at college including sleep, exercise, eating well, avoiding unnatural energy boosters and avoiding alcohol.

Kelsey Craige said she deals with her stress by listening to music, calling her mom or other old friends back home from Williston, Vermont or sometimes just venting to her roommate.

Fellow student Haley Kennedy sometimes goes for long runs and she too said simply listening to music can help. But she has a couple more unique ways that help her cope that no one else mentioned.

“I clean sometimes. And I also like to help other people with there problems, which helps me forget about mine,” she said.


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