Free wings and paint and sip at The Blue Cat

Castleton’s nightlife scene is beginning to liven up as a local business is now offering new activities for community members and college students to attend.

The Blue Cat Bar, a well-known restaurant in town, is broadening its horizons in lieu of the soon-to-be Third Place Pizzeria opening.

 Wenger Rehlen, co-owner and operator of The Blue Cat said that they will be hosting events to get more people out and about and involved in the town.

They have just started offering “Free Wing Night” every Thursday and Friday, which is accompanied by a live band. According to Rehlen, it was a huge success.

Justin Nolan, a junior exercise science major, attended the event and believes it was well worth it.

“It’s not a bad deal. I think it’s good they are trying new things…I went in and got the wings, which were really good, and that’s something I would go there for again even if they weren’t free,” Nolan said.

Matt Lawhorn, a Castleton student, even described the event as “lit.”

The Blue Cat will also be holding a “Paint and Sip Party” that anyone over the age of 21 can attend. The “Paint and Sips” are hosted by Cricket’s Eye Art Studio located in Pittsford, Vt. People can come in and paint a pretty picture while sipping on some fine wine.

“Everyone gets a canvas and an easel, they get to paint, have some wine and hang out. It was a great time. Reservations filled up within two weeks, it was amazing,” Rehlen said.

 A second “Paint and Sip Party” will be held again next month, and if successful, will likely be a monthly event.

In addition to free wings, live bands and “Paint and Sips,” The Blue Cat will now be offering delivery within a five mile radius in town, including the Castleton University campus. This is something that was offered once upon a time, but according to Rehlen, just sort of “slipped away.”

“We're just doing what any competition would do. We’re a little more focused and critical of our own business, so we’re stepping up our game,” Rehlen said.

Caleigh Raftery, a freshman health science major, is excited to hear about all of the new things that The Blue Cat has to offer. She is especially delighted to hear that there will now be two places offering delivery.

“I think what Rehlen is doing is really great because with the new business that’s coming into Castleton, it’ll be a real challenge, but good for the community,” Raftery said.

Andrew Breting, owner of the upcoming Third Place Pizzeria, thinks what The Blue Cat is doing is just what the town needs, and he fully supports their vision.

“The more options people have in the community will ultimately make it a better place. The key is to keep people in Castleton instead of going to other towns that have more options or a better atmosphere,” Breting said.

Rehlen says to “stay tuned” as they are working on getting more live bands, hosting weekly events and even offering new specials. 

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