Q & A with Tayler Larmie

Tayler Larmie plays football as well as indoor and outdoor track and field. Photo courtesy of Castletonsports.com

Q. What is your major and plans after college?

A. My major is exercise science and hopefully to start my minor in business. After school, I plan to start as a personal trainer and try to move up to being able to work with college athletes. My ultimate goal is to own my own gym.


Q. What kind of music do you like?

A. My taste in music has a wide variety from country to hip hop all the way to classical and the oldies.


Q. Tell me about a teammate you look up to?

A. In all honesty, the one teammate I look up to is Matt Lawhorn. The reason why is because he is really good at his position and I plan to eventually get to that level.


Q. You play football and participate in both indoor and outdoor track and field. What is it like to always be playing a sport and managing schoolwork at the same time?

A. Well the sport that takes up the most time is football, but track and field isn’t as bad. Being able to manage schoolwork along with sports isn’t as hard as some people would think. You just need to know how to split your time evenly with everything. And on top of that, I actually plan to be working soon also.


Q. How does it feel to be continuously breaking your personal records, week after week?

A. It feels great to know that I am getting better week after week especially knowing that all this hard work is starting to pay off.


Q. Who is your favorite professor and why?

A. I actually have two favorite professors, Barbara Kimmell and Peter Kimmel. The reason why is because they are very easy to talk to and they know how to make class enjoyable for everyone, even though we are in lab for about two hours or so. Because of them, it helps me enjoy the class more than I would if I didn’t find them fun to talk to.


Q. What do you like to do in your free time?

A. When I have free time, I like to go to the library and study or work on projects outside of school.


Q. Could you give me an example of one of the projects you work on outside of school?

A. One project I finished recently was for my old boss. I made her a fitness program that I will be keeping up to date for her. During February break, to make some sort of impact in people’s lives, I will be running a couple of fitness classes for people. I enjoy doing these kinds of things. I just love helping people, so I want to do what I can.


Q. You are known for being a great “hugger.” Why is that?

A.  I have always been a hugger and I always will be. I am just a happy individual who enjoys hugging. Stranger or not, I always seem to get compliments on my hugs and I honestly don’t know why! I just love to hug!


Q. What is your favorite part about Castleton?

A.  My favorite part about Castleton would have to be the people here. I myself am a very nice guy and just seeing other people just as nice is a great feeling. I love seeing the smiling faces and laughter of people. It’s amazing knowing that people really enjoy this place.


Q. Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?

A. My favorite places that I have been to in the past would be Australia and Hawaii. Both places are very relaxing and enjoyable. Normally, I don’t always go on vacation because I would rather be working on things for sports instead most of the time. But just having some time to go out and explore places is absolutely amazing.


Q. Thank you Tayler!

A. Any time!


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