WIUV to include news show

Carly Trombley, one of two editors for The Spartan student newspaper, hopes to bridge the worlds between the printed word and the audio airwaves at Castleton University by highlighting news from The Spartan and other hot topics on campus via a new radio show on WIUV.

Trombley said each show will likely have a “specific topic that will be chosen from the student paper or a current event that’s gone viral, or something that college students are talking about.” Live guests will also be part of the show and will vary from week to week to ensure that there is “more than one opinion on the topic.” 

Will Chmielewski, director of WIUV and a staff writer for The Spartan, believes that bridging the gaps between the two media formats will not only provide a new platform for obtaining news, but also spur campus-wide discussions and an exchange of ideas.

“I think the show is a great idea that will allow students to hear what is going on around campus and the thoughts of fellow students,” said Chmielewski. “Students will be able to hear stories from The Spartan and that might make them go and read more from The Spartan.”

Trombley will also offer several ways – be it live on air or pre- or post-show – for listeners to react, respond, or offer topic ideas. Information will be provided on how to leave comments on The Spartan website (castletonspartan.com) in response to a specific story if they don’t already know how or weren’t aware of it. She will also provide a personal email address “so that people will send me their comments for future shows or opinions about the topics discussed.”

Listeners will also be able to go to The Spartan website or its YouTube channel to hear archived shows and talk segments if they were unable to tune-in live.

“They will be able to give their input on the actual story itself and it also creates a nice bridge between the radio station and the online paper,” Trombley said.

David Blow, associate professor of communication and advisor to The Spartan, had a WIUV radio show when he attended Castleton and said news was a part of every show.

“When I was a student here, we had the Associated Press wire service pumping out news and we would pick and chose what to read on the air,” said the 1989 graduate who spent 15 years as a newspaper reporter and editor at The Post-Star in Glens Falls, New York. “I think it’s awesome to get news back on the air and I think Carly is going to open it up for listeners to call in for comments or questions.”

Trombley said she looks forward to engaging with her fellow peers and staff in her innovative linkage of the two traditional media formats, and hopes that the show is “fun, informative, and easy to listen to.”

For further details, questions, or ideas you can email her at cet06130@castleton.edu or leave a response to this article at The Spartan website, castletonspartan.com.

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