SGA to start blog

With the numerous meetings and projects by the Student Government Association, it can be difficult to know what’s going on.

But soon you’ll be able to keep up with them with a simple click on your device.

            During SGA’s first meeting of the semester on Jan. 17, SGA Delegate Susan Gay announced that one of her projects for this year is to revamp the SGA website.

            “While talking to (Director of Digital Media) Katye Munger about the website, she brought up the idea of also creating a blog. We are planning on having a link to our blog on our website,” Gay said.

            The blog is for announcements and updates about meetings and SGA events that students might be interested in, she said. The website itself will focus more on general information about SGA.       

            Students are already expressing interest in the blog and website.

            “It’s good that they’re doing this and it makes things more transparent. We’ll be able to see exactly what issues come up at meetings and how those issues will be resolved,” senior Toné Sawyer said.

            “I think it’s a great idea especially for the freshman. The blog will give them information about SGA and what they do. It will be really valuable for them,” senior Katie Scholwin expressed.

            Once plans are finalized with Munger and Director of Student of Activities, Matthew Patry, the rebuild will begin. Gay hopes to have blog posts up a few days after future meetings.

            In other SGA news:

* Patry announced that a new bus schedule is being made within the next two weeks that will be more beneficial to students going to and from Rutland. Currently the latest bus leaving Rutland back to Castleton comes back by 8 p.m. at the latest. By removing either the 5 p.m. or 5:15 p.m. time, a 9 p.m. departure time from Rutland can be added.

            “This will give students more time to go into Rutland, literally go to a movie or out to dinner and not have worry about how to get back,” Patry said.

            The new schedule will be finalized after the Vermont State Transportation Board approves the changes.

* The SGA will be replacing its current broken and outdated poster printer with a new model. The total cost will be $3,394, however the Castleton Activities Board will be paying for half of the printer since they are greatest user.

* Paperwork to be become an SGA delegate is due Jan. 23. Because there is need for a new delegate during the school year, SGA will follow their polices and pick a candidate that the think will be best.

* Open forums will be held in the SGA office of the Campus Center on Thursdays during N-Period. It essentially provides students with a chance to ask members any questions they might have. 

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