A Bronx Tale

On January 28, 2017 my boyfriend John and I had traveled into New York City to see the Broadway Show, A Bronx Tale. A Bronx Tale was originally a movie that came out that came out in 1993 and was based in the 1960s.

My mother had gotten us the Broadway tickets for Christmas and told us to watch the movie before going to see the play.

The play and movie were both directed by Robert De Niro who also plays the father of the mobster Calogero. I personally enjoyed the play for multiple reasons. One reason is the fact that it let you imagine what's going on behind the scenes.

For example, in one of the scenes there had been a car accident. You didn't see the accident but everything else was there to help picture what it could have been like. Another reason why I enjoyed the play is that you are able to view what's going on in person instead of it being on a screen.

The two main characters in the movie and play are Sonny who is played by Nick Cordero and is a gangster, and Calogero who is played by Bobby Conte Thornton and is a older teenager growing up in the 1960s who gets involved with Sonny and gangs.

Both of the actors really portrayed who the characters were.

If someone is interested in seeing a play filled with laughter and emotion, I would suggest seeing A Bronx Tale.


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