What are we drinking?

It’s the weekend and Castleton University senior Jordan Hill picks up an $8.99 6-pack of Woodchuck hard cider, her go-to, to get the night started.

She sometimes grabs Wicked Grove hard cider from Aldi in Rutland, but only under certain circumstances.

“Sometimes, when I’m really broke I go to Aldi’s and I get the same stuff made by Woodchuck, but made for Aldi’s for $5.99,” she said with a grin.

It’s her favorite beverage to delight in, but as the conversation continued, you realize she isn’t picky

“I drink wine, I drink beer, and I drink liquor,” she added, not delving into specific choices within those categories.

“In that order,” Hill added followed with instant laughter. 

 The premise was simple: find out what professors and students at Castleton drink on their down time. Is it hard liquor or cheap wine? Craft brews or cheap 30-packs? And do tastes change, or get sacrificed, when the wallet is virtually empty?

Hill wasn’t the only person interviewed to favor hard cider.

Catherine Twing is another fan. That was her first preference, but whiskey and Coke is also right up her alley. She said she enjoys this drink at the bar, taking a step away from the regal hard cider for a couple reasons.

“It gets you drunk faster, and I like the taste,” she said with a smile.

She also said that cheap beer is a no go.

“I’m not a beer drinker,” she said.

But junior Taylor Keramis is the exact opposite. She absolutely loves cheap beer, with “PBR” her stated favorite.

“You get a 30-rack, and you can pound those suckers!” she said, stopped in front of Woodruff Hall having just gotten out of class.

 Communication professor Jessica Cowden has perhaps more refined tastes then Keramis. She favors a dirty martini, the signature of a special night, while a glass red wine is the drink of choice when staying in at home. And when on a budget, the answer is still in the wine ballpark.

“Black Box wine It lasts a long time!” said Cowden with a laugh.

English professors Andy Alexander and Dennis Shramek were casually talking to each other in the hallway, when a reporter approached seeking their beverage of choice.

When handed the question, Shramek jumped right on it and said that he favors a gin and tonic when he’s relaxing with English department colleagues because it makes him friendly. On the other hand, he drinks a glass a red wine when at home; it makes him sleepy.

Alexander is a bourbon guy, and his drink of choice is Eagle Rare. He doesn’t hate scotch either, but favors blended versions over single malts.

A stroll to the philosophy department found professor Brendan Lalor just leaving for class, guitar in hand. In limited time, he quickly said he favors good Scottish ale.

“It’s rich, it’s dark, but I love it,” he said, seeming to picture one as he spoke. Then he was off to class saying he planned to play a Bob Dylan song for his students.

Senior Chris Terry’s is a corona with lime kind of guy, but if it’s not Corona, it’s either Coor’s Light or Bud Light. When the budget isn’t a problem, he’s getting top shelf booze.

“When the budget’s looking right, I’ll get a bottle of Siroc, Hennesy, or Bacardi,” he said. He went on to list a couple more, signaling he too isn’t the pickiest of drinkers.

Senior Alexa Fryover favors wine, Blackberry Merlot to be precise. It’s her go-to, even when on a budget.

“I’d still get it, its five bucks a bottle!” said Fryover enthusiastically.

If money wasn’t a concern, Fryover joked that she’d probably just buy a bartender.

Sitting on the couch relaxing, senior Tyler Wilcox(talked about his love for the traditional orange juice and vodka screwdriver. On a budget, “I’m a Coor’s light guy,” he said.

There are some people who don’t have the time to drink because they are just too busy with school work. Senior business major Hollie Byrne is one such person.

When she gets the opportunity to drink, she favors a sex on the beach, which is a concoction of orange juice, vodka, peach schnoppes, and cranberry. Some nights it’s just a glass of wine.

“I don’t have time to get drunk and deal with a hangover,” said Byrne.

From 30 racks of PBR, to top-shelf booze, it appears mostly everyone at CU has a favorite beverage to party with, or just unwind after a long day.

But not William Chmielewski.

He hasn’t had a single drop of alcohol. He says that he just doesn’t feel the need to drink, not now, not ever, and he just turned 21 and can legally do so now.

 “I’m here on a valedictorian scholarship. I’m not willing to jeopardize that,” said Chmielewski. 

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