Ya wanna know something that is repulsive?

Food. Food is such a strange thing. When you think about it, as humans we eat a thing that we grow or buy and shove it through a hole in our bodies, but then later on you don’t even keep it in your body. Anyway . . I’m here and I’m going to be discussing my journey with trying food that I have never tried before/ food that I used to hate or that I have “said” that I “hate” because I thought that I would hate it. And you all know what I’m talking about.  And along the way ill be chatting with some folks I find on campus and asking about some bad experiences they have had with food


Wanna know something that is repulsive? Horseradish. 

Wanna know something that my boyfriend loves? Horseradish.


First of all… where the FLIP is the name from? Excuse me, but does it come from a horse's body? Do they use radishes to make this disgusting sauce?

Why is it that it’s named this? For what reason, because I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW. 

So I did some research, AKA I typed into Google, “What is the ingredients of horseradish” and what do you know, there is such a thing called a horseradish root!

HAHA wtf even is that. I guarantee all you mofo's reading this had no idea either. 

But let me fill you in on how I came to this conclusion that horseradish is THE WORST sauce of womankind.

As the amazing girlfriend that I am, I willingly made my boyfriend’s lunch once. He wanted some tuna sandwiches.

 Okay no problem. I think I can handle this.

 Then what felt like an earthquake shaking up my entire world was horseradish slammed on the counter in front of me.

 “Wtf am I supposed to do with that?!” I said to him as I whipped around with my white girl attitude and a flawless hair flip.

 I’ve never heard of such a thing of mixing these two food products. But I gave it a shot.

The moment that shit squirted out of that bottle, my sense of smell went into a lockdown, abort mission type of mode.

 My eyes started watering and my body started gagging as I was mixing the tuna and this thing together.  I had to put my shirt over my mouth and nose to continue on with this task.

 Once I was done, I slapped those sandwiches in front of him and told him forfrom now on he’s making his own damn sandwiches and if he brought horseradish in the house again, it was getting thrown out. And so was he.


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