Upset alert: Mount Union

Heyyyyyyyyoooooooo UPSET ALERT!!!!

This past Saturday, college football teams across the country took the field. Every team tried to claim their final wins of the season before they either start their playoff run or hang up the pads for the season.

Some teams know they’re going to lose. It’s just a fact. They suck. Just like some teams know they are going to win, like division III Mount Union University out of Alliance, Ohio, who had a 112-game regular season win streak headed into last Saturday. The longest streak in the nation for any divison.

But like my buddy Lee Corso says on College Gameday, “Not so fast!”

That’s because John Carroll University, which is also based in Ohio, had something to say about it.

Yeah, you heard that right, 112 games down the gutter… gone… history.

Mount Union, a perennial powerhouse in the Ohio Athletic Conference and the nation, had won the Conference title 24 years straight. Another streak that was broken with the 31-28 loss.

Ninety-eight home wins in a row…also gone.

And with records like that, how can a team not get a little cocky? They’ve won the national championship two of the last four years.

Of course you’re gonna hear the scripts from coaches like, “It’s not who you play, it’s how you play,” or “Play to your level, not there’s.”


Mount Union’s record was 222-1 in the past 24 years. Before Saturday, they hadn’t lost a regular season game since 2005 and before that they hadn’t lost since 1994.

That’s like the Soviet Union hockey team that won the gold medal in ’64, ’68, ’72 and ’76. Straight domination. Until they met the U.S. in 1980.

Let me throw it all into perspective for those of you who don’t follow D-III football. If the same thing were to happen in Division I, West Virginia would have to beat Alabama … yeah I don’t think so.

Just like nobody predicted No. 1 ranked Mount Union losing to No. 16 John Carroll.

Pierre Garçon was drafted in the sixth round by the Colts in 2008 and attended Mount Union during their impressive run. He led them to two consecutive national titles, falling just short of a third in his senior season.

But you might be asking yourself; “If Mount Union is so good, why didn’t Garçon almost win four titles in the four years he was there? And why should I care about this guy anyway?”

The answer is that he was only there for three years, because he was too busy catching passes for Norwich during his freshman season. Yeah, those same Cadets that beat Castleton last Saturday in the Maple Sugar Bowl.

I know Mount Union is good and all, but I think if we had TanCreti under center and Procida breaking up passes in the secondary Castleton would have a pretty good chance.

The picture shows all the championship rings given out over the years. ’93, ’96, ’97, ’98, ’00, ’01, ’02, ’05, ’06, ’08, ’12 and ’15 (not shown).


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