Tattoo shop comes to Castleton

Next to the only streetlight in Castleton, at the four corners, you will find a newly renovated tattoo shop.

Electric Tattour is a heavy-metal-playing, bright-green-walled, great-atmosphere shop that offers a younger style of tattooing, perfect for the young college community.

“Professionalism and clean, safe tattoos is our motto,” said the owner-artist Anthony Patorti.

Having started tattooing in 2012 at age 27, the Rutland county native and his apprentice, Jeff Adams, offer clients over five years of combined experience.

Formerly located in Whitehall, New York, the business received approval from the state of Vermont to open up shop in town. It had long been Patorti’s dream to offer tattoos in his hometown of Castleton, but he stressed how hard it was to obtain the licenses to get here.

Since moving into its new location in June, the shop has hit the ground running with most of their clients being Castleton students.

“Business is 100 percent better in this location,” Patorti said.

The popularity of tattoos seems to be on the rise, but they can often be too expensive for a college student. Recognizing the local market, Patorti said he strives to take care of students.

“We offer 20 percent off tattoos for first-time customers with a valid student ID,” he said.

They also offer specials every once in a while, like $13 tattoos on Friday the 13th.

Despite the stigma that comes with a tattoo shop, clients say Electric Tattour offers a clean, friendly atmosphere that keeps them coming back.

”I’ve gotten five from them,” said Castleton senior Seldon Hill. “It’s very inviting and Anthony and Jeff are cool guys and make you comfortable with the experience.”

The goal of the shop is centered on being a sort of tattoo family, Patorti said.

“I can tell you the names of everyone I have tattooed and what they got,” Patorti said. “It’s all about respecting everyone that comes through the door and making the experience as relaxing as it can be.”



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