Library offers 24 hour resource

One day remains before the big research paper is due, and you’re stressing out about the three references that you’re missing – and it’s 1 a.m.

These days at Castleton University, there’s no need to worry any more because the library just added some very helpful tools on its website to ensure your success any time of the day.

New features like Castleton OneSearch and 24/7 live chat references are now available directly on the library’s website for any kind of project, paper, or just for casual reading.

“We just added a couple new things here. We added Castleton OneSearch. In one search box you can search all of the library’s subscription materials, just like you search Google for all the free materials,” said Charlotte Gerstein, reference and instruction librarian at Castleton. “And you can kind of adjust your search to what you’re looking for once you get your results.”

Ashlee Kelly, junior double major in sociology and social work, loves using Castleton OneSearch for all of her research papers and projects.

“I used OneSearch over the course of three weeks for my research methods class, and it made my life a hell of a life easier, because it made it easy for me to access data that I wouldn’t have otherwise had my hands on,” she said. “It made research methods and the concept of looking things up so much easier, and I’m glad we have it.”

And if that doesn’t get you what you need, there’s the new 24/7 chat reference to access librarian help whenever you need it, Gerstein said.

“We used to just offer it when we were open, but now we’ve worked with a cooperative of other librarians so we can offer it 24/7 and can be found on the library’s website,” she said.

Although the library offers helpful tools for studying at home, it still offers a comfortable work environment as well. There are tons of quiet rooms, conference rooms, seating areas (with really comfortable couches!) and desks throughout the library to accommodate anyone’s work style.

Cassidy McGlaflin, sophomore business marketing major, enjoys the library because it keeps her concentrated and on task.

“I definitely think that studying at the library is more effective than studying back at the dorms,” she said. “If I’m in my room, I’m gonna be distracted by my phone and laptop and anything else I can think of. But if I’m at the library, it’s just me and the paper.”

On top of all the applicable resources the library has to offer, there are also plenty of communal computers equipped with programs such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. The computers are critical for any student who does not have access to such programs, or Internet access.

“My laptop at home does not have Microsoft Word and these computers do, so it’s a great way to knock out homework and not be distracted as easily as I would be if I wasn’t at the library,” said Bubba Collins, a senior sports administration major and a member of the football team.

And while there is plenty of helpful information located on the library’s website, you can also go straight to the library and get help from one of the staff members!

“There is the wonderful staff here that likes to help students use the library to do research,” Gerstein said. “Anything that we could possibly help with, we like to help with, and make things available for students.

“It’s your library … This facility is here for you. We are all here to help Castleton students and that’s what we like to do.”

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