Trump has supporters on campus

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With the election approaching rapidly, there is a question that many liberal Vermonters are itching to be answered: Why would anyone support Donald Trump?

            Despite the recent scandals and Trump’s controversial policies and behaviors, there are still Castleton students who support him, though they are the minority.

Among the Trump supporters is Castleton junior Norman Michaels.

“He’s a businessman and he’s not afraid to say the things no one else will. I think his

policies would be good for our country. Supporting Hillary doesn’t make sense with my views. Trump’s policies would help businesses and create jobs,” Michaels said.

            Other students agree.

            A source who asked to remain anonymous in an attempt to avoid criticism from Clinton supporters who “don’t understand policies” stated, “His policies are for the people. Our jobs have been leaving America due to a high cost of operation, as well as a high amount of corporate tax. Trump aims to help everyone economically, not just himself.”

            Though political science professor Rich Clark will not say who he is supporting, he said Americans are being subjected to one of the most bizarre elections ever.

“I have never seen an election that is so one-sided, where the Republican Party is not in lock step with their candidate, and where the two major candidates are so poorly thought of by the general public,” Clark said.

According to a new poll released by Nate Silver, a proclaimed predictor of elections, Clinton has an 87.3 percent chance of winning. This poll is broken down state by state.

            Michaels disagrees.

            “I think Trump has a good chance to win, but it will definitely be close,” Michaels said.

            Clark believes Clinton will win.

            “I trust the data. The probability of Hillary winning is now up in the high 80s. In social science when you get anything that high of a probability, it’s about as good as you’re going to get,” Clark said.

            Last week, an audio tape was released of Trump speaking with Billy Bush, a known radio and TV personality, speaking about approaching women and kissing them, among other things, without their permission.

            Many companies are pulling their endorsements, but not everyone is appalled.

            “You won’t find a man who hasn’t said that before or in regards to it. One only gets mad at insults when they are true. What about a woman who was found guilty of violating national security? Got four men killed? Risked the lives of countless others?” the anonymous source said, speaking of Clinton.

            Communication professor Bob Gershon was not shocked by the latest revelation about Trump.

            “It’s abhorrent, but it’s not at all surprising. It’s kind of surprising that something like that wasn’t out there in the first place,” Gershon said.

            Despite all of the controversy, some students are still undecided.

            Sophomore Morgan Hewitt is abstaining from voting in this election.

            “I haven’t really been following the debates or anything, and I don’t want to go off of other people’s opinions,” Hewitt said.

            This doesn’t sit well with Gershon.

            “People who aren’t voting are allowing their futures to be determined for them instead of taking the steps they can to determine it for themselves,” Gershon said.

            Overall, most minds are made up, and with election day quickly approaching, it’s important for those who are undecided to make a choice.

            Gershon had a sentence to perhaps help end the undecided voters’ uncertainty.

            “Donald Trump is an idiot,” Gershon said.


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