Paul’s Pizza making a come-back

Work is done on the new Paul's Pizza building. Photo by Jimmy Britt

On Valentine’s Day of this year, tragedy struck Paul’s Pizza in the form of an electrical. But out of the ashes, Paul’s is being reborn and could be open again by December.

Ellis Concrete of Castleton has taken on the project. They have not only put in a foundation and floor, but they’ve also added walls.

“We hope that Paul’s can get back on their feet and will be able to deliver pizzas again,” said owner of Ellis Concrete Jarred Ellis. “We got onto the project because it’s local and set up for what we do like foundations, paneling and selling paneling to other work sites.”

Though the old building is gone, the memories of Paul’s remain, including from the owner.

“I was an ambulance attendant and my husband was a contract manager for a plumbing company. My daughter Alaina was working here for the previous owner. That’s my connection to it,” owner Judy Wiskoski said.

Wiskoski said she would come to visit Alaina at work and fell in love with the place. When the building came up for sale 25 years ago, Wiskoski and her husband Paul took the chance and bought it. But they weren’t prepared for the negligence of the former owners to cause a problem in the future.

“The fire marshall told us that it was the exhaust fan in the bathroom. It overheated and seized,” said Wiskoski. “Before we bought the building that exhaust fan had been wired with an extension cord 50 years ago,” Alaina said.

The Wiskoski’s didn’t know that until the fire investigator showed them. Although the fire was heartbreaking, they are excited to rebuild.

“It’s been a rollercoaster so far. It’s been very hard getting through the permit process with the engineers drawing up and proofing the plans. It’s been months and months of waiting. But now it’s getting really exciting seeing it go up,” Wiskoski said.

She is also happy that her son is helping oversee the construction of the building. As for what can be expected for food once it reopens, there is talk of new menu items, but Wiskoski said that’s still up in the air.

“We’re thinking about adding gluten-free dough to the menu,” said Alaina. “We’ll always use the same dough recipe for our regular pizzas.”

The Wiskoskis hope that they can also rebuild their staff and customers when the new building is finished in December or early next year.

They are thinking about continuing to deliver and adding a discount to college students after 9 p.m.

“I’d go there if they had discount, I’m not big on delivery,” said freshman Kyle Dash.

“I’d definitely order them if there was discount,” said senior Cheyenne Borthwick.

Wiskoski said Paul’s could be open as soon as December, but definitely by February.

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