New film club forms

The start of the semester has led to the start of some new clubs on campus, including a film club started by German student Madelaine Kopischke and some of her friends.

            “I came here expecting one and decided to make one when I realized there wasn’t,” Kopischke said.

            Kopischke said she would have started the club last year, but she didn’t have any friends to help her out so she decided to wait until this year. The club has really taken off.

            “There were over 20 people at the first meeting that was held on the Thursday before break,” said professor Michael Talbott, advisor of the club.

            Club members immediately started planning activities and went on their first field trip to the movie theater in Rutland to see “The AccountantOct. 11. They have more field trips planned.

            “We’re going to go to a movie in Rutland each month and host one here each month. Plus we’re going to the film festival at the end of the month,” Kopischke said.

The film festival she was referring to is the Vermont International Film Festival held in Burlington from Oct. 21-30.

            “The festival contacted me last year and said they would give students tickets really cheap if I got a group together that wanted to go, but I didn’t have enough people interested. It was great because, this year, students decided to go on their own,” Talbott said.

            Kopischke actually went to Talbott with the idea for the club and asked him to be the advisor.

The Film Club has elected Kopischke as president, but it’s a democracy when it comes to deciding the movies they’ll be screening.

            “We have a Facebook page and we put options up there so everyone can vote,” Kopischke said.

            She also said that they will have themes for the screenings and discuss the movies afterward.

            “This is something that I really wanted to achieve coming here … Film clubs are really integral parts of college campuses,” said Talbott, who went to a school with over 400 film studies students.


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