Frozen in time

Greetings Blog readers who may or may not care or be that interested in photography! It is time for the second round of my photography blog and this week’s photo was taken by yours truly. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do this week, so I decided to look through all of my photos and came across this one. Take a quick look, you can't tell what it is. It’s a few leaves frozen in a chunk of ice that stood up on the side of Lake Bomoseen. 

      A little background behind the origin and thought process behind this photo. It was part of an assignment for my photography class last year, where we had to pick a topic and capture five or six photos portraying that theme. My theme was to capture parts of nature that go unseen or are overlooked on a daily basis. As humans, we like to see the big picture, so what I focused on was not to capture a large landscape, but a small one of a kind one. 

     These leaves were frozen in time, caught in the cyclone of nature’s events. We normally picture leaves flowing in the wind and ever so slightly traveling among no boundaries. But these were less fortunate. I was walking along the lakeside side trying to capture a cool angle of the frozen lake, and then I saw what looked like a tiny mountain range in the Ice. I thought to myself, well to insects, these are like mountains to them. Our perception is just totally different. So I crouched down and looked around to find the coolest peak and came across these leaves and I couldn't help but capture this act of nature, catching the leaves. 

     BUT WAIT, did you guys see the air bubbles? It took me a while to even notice them because I was too focused on the leaves. Is that something to think about? Our attention and where our eyes draw us too? And all of the different layers of ice? It shows a story, the changes and phases that the iIce went through; first a small amount of water making up a small percentage of the lake, then a frozen chunk broken and spread to the edge and up the rocks snowballing different aspects of nature as it takes a completely different form. (SO to conclude my week two blog,) I hope you found this photo somewhat interesting to look at, and hope it makes you think a little outside the box at what exactly you are looking at, and how you may perceive what it could mean to you. 


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